Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This colour is amazinggggg love love love

RainBow Stripez

Very random nail art thats water melon lol


White and black stripes

After it took my monthssssss to grow the nailz u seen in the pics they all decided to break well not all but know the normal senario one breaks u leave it thinking hmm it looks bad but hopefully it will grow back and than another one breakz and soon u cant be bothered anymore so u chop them all off so herez a fiew nailz i did a while back while they were short and stubby =p

Also a fiew more nail art and normal while they were long


  1. Some of your nail art seems interesting, but the photography makes it very hard to see - not to mention off-putting.

  2. I really like your designs! It looks like you're full of imagination I like that!

  3. I REALLY REALLY love your watermelon design!!!
    mind if I try it? :P

  4. what nail polishes do u use? they all have very nice bright colors! <3

    I finally tried your watermelon design and have pictures on my blog :P
    how do you think i did? :P



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