Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mani's Gone Bad

So ladiez I thought id show you some mani's gone bad,really bad lol.
KONAD gone bad

Ahhhh Hideous attempt at a french

I tryed to recreate a mani i saw on Rihanna
key word TRYED lol


  1. I totally love the 1st ones...

  2. I love these pictures unfortunalty my nails broke so i had to cut them all short :(
    Now my hands look really manly :(

    Dont your nails break ever?

  3. The first one doesn't look so bad to me. The second one...yeah, doesn't work. The third one actually looks cute, in a slightly off-kilter kind of way, which seems appropriate when you're drawing smileys on your fingers :) (The frowny face looks kinda scared, lol.)

    Did you take these all off right after you did them? Because I *hate* that. When I spend a good chunk of time on a manicure to realize at the end that the color stinks, or the polish is too heavy/too streaky, etc.

  4. The first one looks like its supposed to look that way, the second I was going to try those colors too hehe guess not! the last one is cute!

  5. I like the first and last one sis, they are really nice. The middle one is a little weird because of the colors. Lol.

  6. I don't think those are mani gone bad :P well except for the second one. I love the first and last one (I tried that too)

  7. hee.. the smiley faces are so cute :P even though you thought they came out bad, i bet it still made you smile? :P i know it made me smile :)

    how long did you keep those mani's on for? :P

  8. I really like the first mani . The second one would be ok w/ out the glitter. The smiley face on your thumb is cute, only if you can get all the nails to look that way..... Big huge smile to YOU!

    I love this blog.

  9. luv the first mani ...very neat and classy



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