Monday, July 27, 2009

Ulta3 Polishes

Hi girliezz how are we all?Hope u all had a great weekend.I thought I would show you some really pretty colours from my favorite Aussie polish brand Ulta3,the colours are amazing and guess what there only $2 Aus now thats cheap and honestly I can compare these polishes to China Glaze and OPI and say there just as good,maybe even better.They apply perfectly the brush is a perfect size and they last for days.The colours are Plum Violet and Honolulu oh and just some very 'abstract' nail art to jazz it up a bit

Ive got exaclty 30 polishes from this brand,im trying to get the whole collection and at $2 who wouldnt want to.And just a quick question girls,when using nail art brushes with nail polish how do you clean yours?Do u use water or polish remover?Cause ive tryed researching but half the people say they use acrylic paint and not nail polish,and they just use water,but I want to know how to clean a nail art brush after using polish?Any suggestions?Ohh and guess what ladies I found some new trailers to 'New Moon' from the Twilight series ohh i cant wait click here for first part and click here for the second excuse all the screaming etc,it looks amazing and watching those clips reminded me about the book.I cant wait.Any of u like the Twilight Movie or read any of the books?Ohh and are u a Edward or Jacob fan hehehe.Edward all the way only cause his a vampire and im totally obsessed with vampire movies,shows etc.Take care girls lo0k foward to hearing from u =D


  1. what stores do they sell these at?

  2. Love the colour...lil sis drives me crazy with twlight/new moon, have a lovely weekend

  3. I love those shades and the way you alternated the colors is cute! Your nails look very nice :)

  4. Love the colours!
    Love the fact that they're bright,
    something I would gladly sport.

    Thank you for the compliment sweetie,
    I also love what you do. That's why I
    subscribed ;)

  5. OoO I love your blog....picked up so many ideas from ya! Looove the colours & nail designs. I'm a new follower ;)

  6. I use nail polish remover to clean my nail art brushes. Personally, I dont use acrylic paint on my nails. I cant seem to get the acrylic paints to look good.

    I love Edward and Jacob. Sometimes, I want to grab and shake Bella or take her place..hehe...

  7. Really nice!You have excellent taste in colours.I think I'm the only person I know who liked Jacob better. but I think both guys are too good for Bella ;)just kidding!

  8. Really cool colors!

    When Twilight first came out I had no interest. My friend finally got me to see the movie and.... I was hooked lol. Had to go buy the books. I'm also Edward all the way too.

  9. i <3 twilight and i'm excited for new moon.. though personally i'm more of a team jacob =P hehe..

    ohh and question do you by any chance know where you can get this brand of nail polish online? or if they're available in the US? thanks! =)

    & yes i'm a new follower/nail addict myself & love all your designs..

  10. I tend to use acrylic paint more often then nail polish for some reason, but when I do use it I use nail polish remover to clean my brush.

    I love the alternating colors you picked, so cute!!

  11. Hey! thanks for your comments girly, and that sucks about Maybelline, haven't heard that before, anyway Loving these colours and the designs, very cool, you serious only $2?? lol ya I'd get the whole set too. oooh and ya I can't wait for New Moon either, hope it doesn't disappoint. I'm totally team Edward man but still love Jacob, as sort of the best friend kinda Character and ya the recently released sneak peeks just made me that much more pumped for November man!! lol ne way have a good week!! ttyl


  12. my favourite nail art your done! so love it..



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