Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello0o0o0o my g0rjuz galz,how are we all??How was your weekendz?Today I was super bored and have been seeing a colour by O.P.I called 'Do you lilac it?' I adore this colour but to be honest with you im not going to spend $24.95 on one nail polish Id rather get a bunch of cheap not so great ones,soooo guess what I did?I made my own w0ot w0ot its not exactly the same but I thinks its cute and all I used was BLUE,RED,& WHITE nail polish with a toothpick and kept adding till i got the colour i wanted!How easy was that!I also added a fiew different lil designs just for the hek of it!Hope you all like,let me know what you think!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi Ladies just some quick posts,I did these both today in the matter of 10 mins hehehhe polish on polish off lol! There a bit rough but im just not used to this length usually i have a reasonable length nail but now there just so short.Anyway remember what i said if you have any requests etc let me know....Take care girlz have a greattttttt weekend! mWah

The rules:1. Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.2. Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.3. Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.4. Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged.5. Paste the award badge in your side bar.

Who Gave This Award::

1.She seems like a nice person

2.She has cute makeup on her blog

3.She likes to teach people about make up

4.She likes doing make overs on ppl

5.She loves everything makeup

AboUt Me::

1.I love anything to do with nails,polish,nail art etc its my hobby

2.I live in Australia

3.Ill be 21 on the 11th of July

4.I also like makeup and basically anything to do with beauty

5.I love reading

6.I am muslim but relaxx im no terrosist

7.Im an extremely open minded person and at the end of the day

we all bleed red blood

8.I love shopping love love lovee shopping

9.I love watching movies

10.And I love God,My family friends

Now f0r my 10 LucKii Ladie3z That are g0iing to Recieve this

lovely award and a lil bout each *drum roll plzzzzz*

Well she's my bestfriend dahhh of course im gonna pik her first

hehehe shes g0rjuz and pretty much likes

the same stuff as me And i l0ve her!

Joyce my fellow nail artist hehehe shes really sweet and has some

really great designs on her nails and shes a fellow Aussie who

is into nail art w0ot g0tta l0ve them!

An0ther fellow Aussie nail fan Danielle,shes got beautiful

nails and great polishes and nail art and a great blog

OMG kayyy shes soo g0rjuz and suppa cute and i love her blog

and she does some really cute nailz and make up.Beautiful girl!

This women is absolutely amazing and she has some really

great and interesting blogs

This a amazing amazinggg nail blog ive been following

longg before I started a blog,I think Brooke was a

huge insperation for me to make a blog!Love her stuff

and it just gets better everytime!

Mary is g0rjuz and has a wonderful blog with lovely swatches

and just amazing nails love it

Cute blog with pretty nails and polishes!

Gorjuz girl and seems to have a lovely heart and very strong

and a great blog!
and last but not least the g0rjuz
Excellent blog g0rjuz nails wonderful nail art ah wat more
can i say Perfect!
So thats it ladiez enjoy!Quick update im still taking
the biotin i was on 1 a day but have amped it up to 2
ive noticed a change in my hair and skin,my
hair feels and looks more healthy and my skin is
really smooth and flawless!As for nails there getting there
but overall i havent noticed a growth in anything will have to wait
and see,im not giving up!Also id like to ask if there is
any requests for nail art or colours or even tips
let me know and ill see what i can come up with.
Ill be back with a new post soon ladies.
Ohh and i was thinking 100 followers contest?Hmmm
Let me know what you think girlz!Hope every1
is great and have a lovely weekend!
One more thing =(
R.IP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi ladiez how are we today?Hope your all great =D quick nail art and you can see how short and stumpy my fingers are hehehehe Let me know what you mwaaaahz x0x0

Hello my g0rjuz girlz h0w are we all?I have a proposel for some of you,as you know judging by the name of my blog Im from Australia the land down under hehehehe and we do have some great beauty products and polishes etc. and myself has never been out of the country let alone on a plane s0o0oo00oo0 im asking if any of you would be interested in doing a international swap or even within Australia!Id love to get some new things and what better than a swap. Im serious about the swap and wont rip you off id be prapared to go on cam and show you the box with your address ready for posting hehehehe so0o0o let me know if you would be interested with a comment below!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

0o0o0o BLOGZ w0ot

So girlz this is a quick update sorry i havent posted for a fiew days guess what I CUT MY NAILZ *runz around in circles cryingggg 'whyyyyyy'* hehehe had 2 do it coz one was already broken so may aswell start again,plus im trying out this biotin so yeah ill probly post some photos of my nails as short little stumps later in the week.But as for today id like to say theres been this tag going around about best blog or blog award etc and i think its so cuteee so anyway ive been tagged twice and id like to give a lovley shout out to those adorable girls Blueberrykiss88 and Kmommie,the tag goes like you have 2 tag other ppl etc,im not going to do that im just going to tag everyone hehehehe to many g0rjuz blogs to choose from but i am going to give a shout out to some blogs im really loving and am a regular visitor too so here goes

hope you girlz enjoyed and dont be offended if ur blogs not up there ive probly just forgot let me know if i have!
LOve y0u girlz mwaaahzz

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hi girliezzz heres another swatch of a recent colour i got its a baby pink kind of like a sheer pastel.Nice colour but it took me 6 coats to get the colour in the bottle and i still think you can see my nail through it,also heres just a little konad art i did im not the best but eh i love the patterns,i used konad plate m63.Hope u like girlz let me know what u think =D

o0o0o PurpLe =D

Hi girlz so yesterday I went to my local market and I found a fiew g0rjuz polishes heres the first one ill post other swatches hopefully later today but this is a amazing purple its g0rjuz i love it! Ill be cutting my nails soon girls*cryzzz* i really hope this biotin works.Let my know what you think of the colour.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi Girlz Under alot of research and alot of comments from you guys ive finally bought my BIOTIN vitamin's i took The Diva's Polish advice and went with the Biotin by Nature's Own which is an Australian brand I think so not sure if your able to get it overseas but at the end of the day I guess its all the same.So ive taken my first pill today it says you only need one once daily with food so I did that,and as you all i know i did break a nail and i havent decided to cut them all off just right now because I have a fiew swatches of some new polishes I want to show you so ill swatch them first and than after that ill cut my nails down and take pics and we can all follow my nail journey and see if this Biotin is all its talked up to be.So girls ill be back with some new posts soon hopefully.Hope your all having a great weekend! x0x0

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not happy I broke a nail

Hii everyone sorry I havent posted,im so upset i broke a nail lastnight in the shower so now im stuck with one fat stumpy short nailed finger and the rest a reasonable nail length. I dont know if I should cut them all and start again or leave them and just let that one grow back let me know what you think.I was also going to ask you girliez if you have tryed a vitamin called BIOTIN its ment to strengthen your nails and make them grow longer or theres a another one called Hairs,Nails and Skin im not sure which one im going to buy but im going to buy one tomorrow hopefully and i was thinking of cutting my nails and starting fresh and seeing if this vitamin makes a difference.Let me know what you think....So anyway heres a just a new polish i bought the other day thought u might like to see the colour and just some simple rhinestones.Let me know girliez =D
And one more quick thing my bestfriend/sis just started her own blog yayyyy heres the link check it out girls w0ot w0ot

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So the other day I was on the phone to my bestfriend and she was telling me how she painted her nails a colour called TAHITI to my amazement i had the same colour,so this is it and this post is dedicated to my bestfriend,sister seperated at birth SARAH! mwah l0ve y0u hun x0x0

Friday, June 12, 2009


Final Product
KONAD m57 plate

The mess i make whilst using konad hehehhe


Hey guyz so this is the latest mani i did, i used the konad process with the plate m57,the polishes i used were a creamy floro green by ROYAL though it dosnt say the colour on the bottle weird and the other colour i used was a hot pink by NYC called fruit tingle,the colour is usually a really bright pink but due to a lack of thickness it didnt hold up with the stamping process what a shame because i like green and pink together.ohh well still looks ok and different.

Fiew Of My nail art stickers

& thingz i use to keep my nails healthy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Latest Mani

My first attempt at KONAD

So KONAD has made its way to Australia and im absolutley loving it,all the money ive wasted on simple designs from the nail shops when i could of had this stuff so ive tryed it out once not the best but hopefully ill get the hang of it let me know what you think!

And lastly this is the latest mani ive got hope you like =)
This colour is amazinggggg love love love

RainBow Stripez

Very random nail art thats water melon lol


White and black stripes

After it took my monthssssss to grow the nailz u seen in the pics they all decided to break well not all but know the normal senario one breaks u leave it thinking hmm it looks bad but hopefully it will grow back and than another one breakz and soon u cant be bothered anymore so u chop them all off so herez a fiew nailz i did a while back while they were short and stubby =p

Also a fiew more nail art and normal while they were long

Black "V" French Tip

My attempt at some nail art stripez

Red 'V' French tip with some white lines

Simple Red tip

Pink tips with some tiny diamondz

So ill get you started with a fiew old pics that ive taken of my nails please excuse the blurriness as they were taken with my camera phone,I do have a camera but have yet to find the right lighting but anways here are a fiew pics let me know what you guys think =)


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