Thursday, July 30, 2009

Konad Leopard Style

I love love loveeeeeee the konad plait m57 and I recently bought this Rimmel polish in 'Tangerine Queen' so I thought id pair the two up with a little added sparkle!I love the Rimmel polishes so easy to apply and smooth but this one took about 4 coats to get the colour in the bottle,and I used konad plait m57 with special black polish and special clear plus a nail art glitter pen.I find the black special polish to be superrrrr messy and u need a large bottle of acetone at hands reach.I find the special polish didnt really make a difference for me personally,i think a normal black polish works just fine,even better because there not as messy.Konad is a messy and fast process but soo worth it.

4 Coats

Told u it was messy

Konad Cleaned up

Camera Flash on and a little added bling

Natural Light
So ladies have u tryed konad?Whats your favorite konad plait?Do u prefer using the special black polish or a normal polish?

Review:essie quick-e

So im not sure if you girls have heard of this one but its basically a liquid very runny the same as water consistancy,that is ment to dry your nails in 30seconds with 1-3 drops on the cuticle.When hearing about this I had to have it and for only $9AUD what a bargain,but what a disappointment,30 seconds,what 30seconds,it actually made my nails extremelly
oily,stickly,gooey and just unwearable.And it didnt take 30seconds my nails still were not dry in over 1hour..And after the hour i decided not to wait anymore and took it straight off.Im so disappointed in this one cause i was really looking foward to it.Maybe its just my nails that reacted differently to this one but yeah not happy at all.Have any of you tryed this one out?

Not sure if u can tell but see the nail is oily and bumpy
not nice at all

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NOTD:Laced Up By China Glaze

Hi Girls,Just a quick NOTD,this pretty pink by China Glaze,U all i know how i feel about china glaze so theres not much to say.Whats your favorite brand of pink?Do u girlz like china glaze?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ulta3 Polishes

Hi girliezz how are we all?Hope u all had a great weekend.I thought I would show you some really pretty colours from my favorite Aussie polish brand Ulta3,the colours are amazing and guess what there only $2 Aus now thats cheap and honestly I can compare these polishes to China Glaze and OPI and say there just as good,maybe even better.They apply perfectly the brush is a perfect size and they last for days.The colours are Plum Violet and Honolulu oh and just some very 'abstract' nail art to jazz it up a bit

Ive got exaclty 30 polishes from this brand,im trying to get the whole collection and at $2 who wouldnt want to.And just a quick question girls,when using nail art brushes with nail polish how do you clean yours?Do u use water or polish remover?Cause ive tryed researching but half the people say they use acrylic paint and not nail polish,and they just use water,but I want to know how to clean a nail art brush after using polish?Any suggestions?Ohh and guess what ladies I found some new trailers to 'New Moon' from the Twilight series ohh i cant wait click here for first part and click here for the second excuse all the screaming etc,it looks amazing and watching those clips reminded me about the book.I cant wait.Any of u like the Twilight Movie or read any of the books?Ohh and are u a Edward or Jacob fan hehehe.Edward all the way only cause his a vampire and im totally obsessed with vampire movies,shows etc.Take care girls lo0k foward to hearing from u =D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

OPI & China Glaze

Hi ladiez just a fiew quick swatches,hope you all have a great weekend.
This first one is by OPI,its a really pretty blue in 'Dating A Royal' it applies
gorjuz,i really like the brush u only need about 2 strokes and your nail is painted
and this one took 2 coats

O.P.I Dating A Royal

China Glaze Pink Voltage
This colour is very pretty but needed 3 coats
to get the colour in the bottle,its also a neon.

China Glaze In The Lime Light
This is also another Neon
I applied 2 coats but I just couldnt get
the colour from the bottle

So hope u like girlz let me know what u think ohhh and have any of you heard
about the new 'Alice In Wonderland' film?It looks amazing click here to check out
the trailer.I cant wait,it comes out next year but its ages awayyy
but im so excited.Do you like the looks of it?

Friday, July 24, 2009

China Glaze Swatches

Hi Girlz Thought I would show u a fiew swatches of some of my Chinaglaze,this is just a fiew ill be back more with some more in the furture....

This is gorjuz blue,its called 'Sky High Top'
& it really does remind me of the sky,this
was only 2 coats and I got the colour from
the bottle!Very pretty vibrant blue.

Now this is ment to be a NEON but somehow
I just didnt think it was quite as neon as i wanted
this one is called 'Turned Up Turquoise' even
though it looks shinny in the pic in real life
it turned out kind of a matte finish which suprised.
2coats all i needed and the colour was perfect

Now these 2 I was so disappointed in
in the bottle they seemed so pretty but they just
didnt work for me I really dont like these colours
but there called 'Custom Kicks(blue) & 'Laced uP'
(pink)once again only 2 coats

Now this is a gorjuz green its called 'Entourage'
and its so pretty,I only put 2 coats and as u can
see it could of done with another,but i just love this colour.
So anyway ladies overall I think China Glaze polishes are really amazing and so easy to apply
im probly going to get into trouble for saying this but i actually like CG better
than O.P.I,i just think they apply better,brush is more easier to use,CG has
a added nail hardner and overall the quality to me is better and the cheaper.
So ladies what do you prefer China Glaze or O.P.I and
And how do u like these colours?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mani's Gone Bad

So ladiez I thought id show you some mani's gone bad,really bad lol.
KONAD gone bad

Ahhhh Hideous attempt at a french

I tryed to recreate a mani i saw on Rihanna
key word TRYED lol

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

China Glaze 'OMG' Polishes

Hi girls sorry I havent posted some nailz in a fiew days,I wanted to show you some of the China Glaze 'OMG' collection,I really love these polishes and ive never seen colours so amazing,im left starring at my nails every 2seconds I cant stop looking.They apply smoothly,you only need 2 coats and the look fab,the only thing I will say is that you deffinately need a top coat for these ones cause they chip very easily.Hope you like ladies Let me know what you think!!!!





Hope you like ladies,sorry the pics are a bit blurry...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Review Seche Inc.

So you girls have probly read a million reviews on 'Seche Vite' so if you have stop here cause im about talk to about 2 of there products,first one is

'Seche Clear Base Coat' now this stuff to me is really just like any other base coat,It goes on smoothly which alot do,but the difference with this one is that it claims that it will not yellow the nail...To be honest I didnt notice any difference to any other base coat but it says that 'If you want a truly clear base coat this is currently the only one' ive used many clear base coats and this really dosnt seem like anything special.

and next is

'Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat' now this is something to talk about its AMAZINGGGG its the best top coat ive ever used,it drys in under a minute no joke,goes on thick and shinny but as i said drys fast and kind of a gives a diamond sparkle effect,if any of you have ever had acrylics and they put that clear top coat when there done its really thick and shinny and makes ur nails look gorjuz well this is better.It dosnt streak,dosnt yellow and most importantly dosnt chip your polish.Im in love and its with seche vite.

So ladies have you tryed either?Whats your thoughts on these products?

Oh and Lucy who always leaves really sweet comments,where is ur blog??

Friday, July 17, 2009

So girlz ive recently tried out my first ORLY polishes and what can I say im very impressed
they glide on smoothly,the brush fits perfect in my hand and dosnt slip due to the rubbery handle and the you really only need about 2-3 strokes to coat the whole nail,I did find that with both polishes I needed to apply 2 coats but after that the colour was extremely opaque,ive been looking for colours exactly like these two the first one is called 'Cashmere Cardigan' and reminds of lavendar for some reason,its a soft yet bright lavender colour and I think its looks gorjuz im sure there is a OPI colour similar to this I think its do you lilac or something like that but I really like this colour and for only $6 who can complain,as for the 2nd colour its 'Green with envy'
in the bottle it looks like more of teal or an aqua and in most light it comes across a slight teal but in the sun you can tell its more of a green but I also really love this colour.Overall great polishes to work with and gorjuz colours.Let me know what you think girlz =D


Quick simple little design

Nail Tek Foundation II Review

Hi ladiez first off I would like to say another thankyou to all of you who wished me a happy bdai and thankyou for all your lovely comments on my presents etc.
I would like to give u guys a bit of a review on a product ive been using for a fiew months,now i know you have probly heard alot about this one or read alot of reviews on it but I thought i would i give it a go and if you like my review I might do some more..
So here it goes
NaikTek Foundation II
Basically what it is,is a ridge filler,and ridges on the nail are those tiny little lines you see over the nail and they can sometimes make your polish application really bumpy and unable to achieve a smooth finish,you also get alot of ridges after you have acrylic nails.Anyway this works as a base coat and is really good,its a matt finish and takes only 2mins to dry and it leaves your nails extremelly smooth and ready for application of any other polish.It claims to smooth uneven nail surfaces and also promotes healthier,stronger nails.I must agree with this claim,it really worked
wonders for me,my nail was left feeling smooth and even harder only after 1 day.I highly recommend this polish It really does work.You can also pick up a top coat and another nail strengthner but I think this one works great for the average nails.
So ladies I hope I was of some help and I hope you enjoyed this review let me know if
you would like me to review more nail products.I picked my one up off ebay from a great seller
for roughly about $8.00 that included shipping to Australia which I thought was great
but im sure its much cheaper to ship to America the store also has alot of
other cheap polishes from opi and chinaglaze etc here is the link to the ebay store

Saturday, July 11, 2009

OMG China Glaze

Hi Ladiez I can officially say its my bdai wo0ot w0ot its 1.05AM in Aus on the 11th July 2009
and I am now 21 hehehehe but anyway I just wanted to show you girlz the mani ill be rockin for my bdai its a new one I got its by China Glaze and its called OMG ive never seen a polish so amazinggggg the colour is just OMG hehehehe perfect name for the colour...Hope you like and ill show you a birthday haul in the next couple of days...Oh and thanks to Sara and Joyce ive now found a great place where they sell china glaze for $5 and OPI for $10 thats aus money btw wow thats amazing ! Let me know what you girlz think have a great weekend byezz =D

Friday, July 10, 2009

I was tagged by the lovely Cassie from to do the Honest Scrap tag...
Here's the deal. Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.It was ment to be 10 but i choose 16 hehehehe so here it g03z

1.i really enjoy cooking and i love trying different food,and im a self taught cook hehehe
2.i love watching movies,all genres but lately ive been more into the comedy
3.i have a weird facination with vampires,i mean i know they dont exist but i just love vampire moviesand series eg.twilight and true blood ive told you before im muslim but i actually wear the tradition head scarf or well known as hijab,im a stong believer of my faith and god but still do enjoy all the girlie things and im not a extremist
5.i also really love makeup,its a new found interest,i think you tube and blog got me started
6.ive never been on a plane or left the country,not even a holiday (gosh im boring hehehe)
7.i love reading books and magazine and im a really fast reader if im enjoying hair is realy long,it reaches below my bottom favorite colours are pink and purple but i also love black ohh hek i love all colours hehehe 21 and still dont have a drivers licence =(
11.i love costume jewellery also pretty necklaces and bracelets and earrings etc but i like my stuff reallychunky and sparkly
12.i love shopping for cleaning products and testing them out and when seeing that they work get reallyexciting cause i love seeing something rerally dirty than become super clean lol bestfriend is a blogger aswell and ive know her for roughly 15 years and im 21 so thats like most of my lifeand you can find her at
14.i have a pet doggy named ceasar and his a staffy his all white and adorable
15.i love love love chocolate like serieously im addicted
16.Last but not least its my birthday tomorrow 11th july ill be 21 =D

So thats it girls now ive got a fiew lovely ladies that i would like to tag


So I think thats about it.Hope you enjoyed ladiez
let me know if you have more questionz.
Take care =D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hope you all like girlz =D

And some simple Nail art

G0rjuz Neautral brown with a gold shimmer amazing color

A fiew rhinestones to jazz it up a bit

G0rjuz Sea Green By L.A. Colors im loving this one

A lovely silver pink by ulta3 very pretty

Hi ladiezzzzzzzzzz sorry I havent posted any nailz in a while!Anyway here is a fiew swatches etc
therez some of my favorites from Ulta3 and a new one from LA colours I hope you like girls let me know what you think.....P.s its my bdai on saturday w0ot w0ot 21 ahhh wrinklez lol =p


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