Monday, August 31, 2009

Lets Do It 3-D

Hi girls,if you all havent noticed im a holo FREAK hehehe i love them,ive honestly never seen a nail polish so AMAZINGGGG in my lifeee no joke,im constantly looking at my nails watching the little colours appear..This one  is China Glaze Lets Do It 3-D it was easy to apply with 2 coats only,I applied the first coat and was scared as to how streaky it was but with the next coat it went on fine,im not sure but do u ladies find that if u add a top coat to you holo it makes it more dull?I added seche vite top coat and some how the holo was slightly dull and not as opaque.I tryed out the china glaze gholish glow aswell,the top coat which is ment to make ur nails glow in the dark,firstly it makes the polish kind of hazy like you know when ur nails hit steam and that kind of affect comes thats how it turned my polish,it dried matt and didnt glow at all,maybe this was just my luck but i wasnt happy at all..Anyway ladies do you have a passion for holo's like me ? Take care girls =D

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hi ladiez,I love this colour by Orly,its Cashmere Cardigan,its like a creamy lavender colour,i added a extra bit of 'bling' with the konad flowers and little diamonds..Hope u like =D

Friday, August 28, 2009

Over Load Polish Haul

Hello my lovely ladies,remember that haul I promised,well here it is,I went a bit crazy this time at my favorite nail supply shop,I ended up spending $103 aus dollars,but it was worth it,I get such a thrill out of buying polish...And I want to thank all those who wished me a happy ramadan that was very sweet.
Orly-Fantasea which is similar to Zoya's Anastasia which i came across on the lovely kae's blog
I actually think there quite similar in colour for me a cheaper dupe anyway because my nail supply store doesnt sell zoya,its kind of funny though Fantasea,Anastasia hehehe
CG-Luba Heels its like a jelly black with the most gorjuz red glitter in it,cant wait to show you some swatches
CG-Agent Lavender this is very similar to Orly Cashmere Cardigan which was kind of a bummer for me,cause in the shop it looked so different but after trying it on they were pretty much the same
CG-Gholish Glow,its ment to be a top coat to make ur nails glow but i didnt see any glowing lol
CG-Recycle ive been looking for a cream grey and this ones perfect i find grey to be so different as a nail colour,i love it
CG-Rich And Famous not so happy with this one very similar to Laced Up damn those lights
These ones all very nice creamy blues,I love my blues
CG-Shower Together
CG-Carribbean Blue
CG-Bahamian Escape
CG-Secret Peri-Winkle
And 2 really nice pinks
CG-Sneaker Head
Now these would have to be my fave of all i got,im loving the holo look I think its gorjuz,i can never stop looking at my nails.
CG-How about a tumble
CG-Lets Do It 3-D
I honestly cant wait to show you swatches of these ones..
CG-Rose Among Thorns
Seche Restore Thinner
Seche Vite Dry Top Coat
and last but not least
A huge bottle of Acetone,I go through this stuff like water...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Entourage my GREEN =D

Hello my lovely ladies,I got my konad out again,didnt succed as much as i would of liked to but hey its different,and im loving this green by CG in Entourage so easy to apply and such a gorjuz colour,and as for the pink by CA its in Pink Voltage,im sure ive shown it to you before but I just wanted to let you know it takes about 6 coats to get its true colour and drys matt.Great colour just hard to get whats in the bottle...And guess what ladies ive been nailpolish shopping,cant wait to show you girls what i got.take care mwahhh =D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bubbly Konad

Hi ladies how are you all?Sorry I havent posted in a fiew days,ive been busy FASTING its the holy month of ramadan for us muslims,so basically we fast from roughly 5am till about 5.30pm which means not one drop of water or food can be swollowed also its not only food and water,its no swearing or talking about people behind there back etc its basically a very spirtual month,it will last for 30days and at the end of it there is a big celebration which marks the ending of fast,kind of like a muslims christmas without all the presents.So anyway I thought I would show you a polish from Orly i got for my bdai back in july,i think its such a pretty blue,and only needs2coats,its called 'Blue Collar' I also did a bit a of konad,but this time not using the black special polish,I find that stuff so messy to work with,I actually just used a Australian brand polish named BYS-Be Yourself Cosmetics in black there about $3 each im sure all you Aussie know what im talking about.I really like this konad plait,I love this design it kind of reminds me of those child hood bubbles I think we all used to blow.Its plait m65.
Hope you all like girls,take care and let me know what you think...

Friday, August 21, 2009

CG Sky High-Top

This is one of my fave colours by china glaze its just gorjuz,it really reminds me of beautiful clear blue sky..It gorjuz to apply 2 coats and your done,its kind of a cream but with shimmer I love it...I added a fiew stripes to jazz it up a bit.Hope you like ladies =D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pink Tiger

I loveeee animal prints so why not animal print my nails with some konad!This is that gorjuz pink I told you ladies about,the polishes off ebay.Anyway hope u like ladies,I havent done some konad for a while so its a bit messy but still im loving the tiger stripes.I used plait m69 and the pink is colour 19.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New pOLiShez

Hi ladiezz s0o0o as you all know I have a new favorite ebay seller you can find the seller here
and these are some great polishes I picked up for only US$2.50,there is gorjuz colours and they apply so smoothly and I can honestly compare them to China Glaze and OPI..They dont have names,only numberz.I hope you like ladies let me know what you think and if you need any info on the seller let me know =D

Number 25

Number 33

Number 16

Number 19

Number 39

Number 14

Number 32

Number 77

Number 29 only 2 coats

This one is number 04 I only did 2 coatz so
you could see how opauqe they are

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi ladiez today im going to be showing you some great makeup i picked up forextra cheap!Have you all heard of coastel scents?The makeup palettes i scored are very similarto that,well actually there the same without the coastel scents logo.How cool is that and ive got the link where to get them can find all this awsum makeup here

Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler Price@ Coastel Scents US$7.95 and
jolieee US$3.99So first here is a brush i got,look familiar?Mac 187 ring a bell?And trust me its just as good for not even a fraction of the price of Mac brushes.The bristles are so soft and feel gorjuz on the face,its called a Duo Fiber powder stippler brush..Its really amazing and great for beginners or even pro's at makeup.I can honestly say this brush is just as good as the Mac 187.And for $3.99 ladies how can u pass it.

15 Color Professional Camouflage Concealer Palatte Price@ Coastel Scents US$11.92 jolieee US$9.99Now this concealer is amazing it has every colour i could dream of and even comes with green andyellow(green neutralizes any redness on the face and yellow is for under the eyes,and neatralizesany dark circles)it goes on smoothly and really covers up any blemishes or uneven skin tones.And its a palatte that works for every skin colour which is a bonus cause im as white as a ghost.

10 Piece Professional Blush Palette Price @ Coastel Scents US$15.99 and jolieee US$7.99
Blush ohh how i love blush,and every colour blush even better,i was so exicted to trythis one out,i love all the really bright pinks and even the gorjuz peachy colour,thesego on really well and are so easy to blend,there really pigmented so a little goes a long wayand honestly girls look at the price i feel like this was just loose change hehehe..

6 Color Contour Face Powder Palatte Price@ Coastel Scents US$18.95 and jolieee US$8.99
For those of you of who dont know what contouring is,its highlighting and shading features on the face to bring out or lessen the look of them.Adding countouring to your face can really make yourfeatures pop,and this palatte is amazing for that exact purpose,the colours are great,once againgood for all skin tones,and they blend easily and are really pigmented.And the perfect selectionof colours.

72 Piece Eyeshadow Neutral Nudes Palette jolieee US$8.49
This is a gorjuz palette for neatral eyes,which are great for everyday,work and school etc these shadows are really pigmented,blend easily and have a great selection of colours.

Now ladies for my 2 favourites after watching you tube for months and months i always see gurususing a 88 shimmer or matte palette from coastel scents,i looked up the site and seen how much itwas and wasnt willing to pay that price and now ive found exact same to palattes for a cheaperand more afforadble price.This eye shadows are really good,and do pretty much the same trick asany mac eye shadow would do,accept there is a wide range of colours in one palatte,the shimmer palatte is gorjuz and i love the finish,and there easy to blend as well,and matte is great aswellat blending and there both extremelly extremelly pigmented.Now for the prices 88 shimmer at Coastel scents was US$19.95 and at jolieee only US$11.90 and as for the matte paletteat coastel it was US$18.95 and jolieee US$11.90 wow wat a difference

88 Ultra Shimmer Palatte

88Matte Palette

So ladies I hope you have enoyed my review of these amazing affordable pro make up palette's and i URGEEEE you to check out the ebay seller
jolieee she is really great with customerservice,extremelly fast shipping,great packaging (nothing came broken) and if you email hershe will have a combined shipping discount.If you ladies have any questions are want some more info please leave comments below.And dont forget to visit her store here.
And ill be back soon with some polish reviews,cause she also sells some gorjuz polishes,cant wait to show you some great swatches


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