Thursday, September 24, 2009

'How About A Tumble' with my 'Secret Peri Winkle'

Hi ladies how are you all,sorry ive been gone for a while,ive been a bit busy,Ive started a new study course in business Admin so ive been busy at work hehe..I hope you are all very well.
I tryed out China Glaze's Secret Peri-Winkle it reminds me of Orly Cashmere Cardigan I think there very similar...

Than I decided to try out the gorjuz 'How about a tumble' by CG over the top I think it looks gorjuz and really adds a nice touch..

Hope your all well..Take care =D

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi ladiez How are you all?This is China Glaze DV8 another Holo and all I can say is WOW this is one of my fave's,i adore blues and holo added makes it perfect.This went on smoothly 2 coats only.
Hope your all well...Btw did u ladies hear about what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift at the Mtv awards,I thought it was pretty slack =( poor Taylor shes so sweet and innocent,I think Kanye must of had a bit to drink lol.Anyway ladies take care =D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carribbean Blue

Hi ladies hope your all well,this is a gorjuz blue by china glaze called Carribbean Blue its creamy with a fiew gorjuz sparkles in it,and ive added a rhinestone bow,its really easy to do and super cute..Hope you like
Have a great weekend ladiez.Take care =D

Friday, September 11, 2009

I think You Are Awesome Tag =D

Hi my lovely ladiez Ive been tagged by 2 amazing nail bloggers GlitterMillie and Tuli's Nails
thank you very much for that girls =D
The Rules:

I share 10 random facts about me
I then tag 10 blogs I ♥ reading
10 random facts:
1.Ive just recently enrolled to do a Business Admin study course,im really excited about it.
2.It is now the month of Ramadan so ive been fasting for the last couple of weeks,its almost finished,its been a great month to reflect and see what those poor people go through with any food for a couple of hours.
3.My love of nail polishes is kind of getting out of hand lol i have no room anymore
4.I lovee watching movies and I would prefer to watch a movie at home rather than the cinema because i enjoy the comfort of my own home
5.I do have a bed but for some reason I prefer sleeping on the couch lol dont ask why just like it
6.You all know I also love makeup but I dont use any high priced makeup only drugstore brands I think they do the same trick just as good
7.Im a HUGE net junkie I cant live without the internet for one day lol that sounds so bad,I even have internet withdrawels
8.Ive never been out of Australia or even on a plane =(
9.I have a addiction to collecting and trying body washes,cleansers,face creams,body creams etc I buy than I use once than pass it over to my mum or grandmother lol I just love trying new things
10.I have extremelly white skin and ive been referred to as 'Casper' before and cause I have blue eyes and the white skin ive also been called a 'Husky' lol
So thats my 10 random facts now for the 10 ppl I tag

Enjoy Ladies =D

Monday, September 7, 2009

L8R-G8R my Luba Heels

Hi girls how are you?
I just had to share this adorable holo with you by China Glaze
its L8R-G8R its so pretty I love the green its something different
I must admit for some reason I had such a hard time appyling This
was about 4 coats and just seems to apply so thick but maybe
that was just my luck with this bottle other than that its gorjuz
This ones China Glaze Luba Heels I so wanted to love this colour
I mean it looks great in the bottle but on my nails I just wasnt
feeling it at all,its a black jelly with red glitter through out
It was really hard to apply it took 5 coats to get its true colour
to show and even than I just dont think its as nice as is in the
bottle.Not sure did u ladies have this problem is there a trick?
Ive taken some pictures in and outside to give u a look at how
it really show up.Click on the pics to get a more close up look.
So thats it for today ladies,hope your having/had a great weekend.Tc =D
Oh and btw ladies if any of you have twitter you can follow me my name is

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hi ladies today im going to be introducing you to one of the best products ive used
in such a long time (besides nail polish of course hehehe) im sure you all know from
other posts that i am also a self confessed make up junkie..I collect alot of brushes
which i personally think plays a huge roll in applying make up,but i have the hardest
time storing my brushes without getting the brissles all frayed and even when washing them
somehow they end up not quite the same shape so introducing 'THE BRUSH GUARD' my knight
in shinning armour hehehe.
So basically what it is,is exactly what it says a brush guard,it protects the brissles from
fraying and and even after washing your brushes it restores the original shape..How cool is
that.Storage is made easier and mainly your brushes will stay protected.Also the guard can be
used as a kind of grip to hold while applying make up.Such an amazing invention hehehe.Here is
a example of a fiew of my brushes to show you how it works
Now ladies its just not Make up brushes its nail brushes aswell,I have such a hard time storing
my nail brushes in my nail kit but with these it makes it so easy,and once again cleaning can make
the brissles fray and out of shape but with the Brush Guard that is all forgotten,and even using
the guard as a grip also really helps when attempting nail art.
Now lets get into prices US$5.50 including tax and shipping WHATTT can u believe it ladies $5.50 thats a bargain for my lovely Aussie readers that makes it roughly AUS$6.40 I just cant believe it for that price its just amazing ive never seen or heard of such a great product for protecting brushes.
If you have anymore questions im glad to answer them and for where to buy these lovely Brush Guards

the website is
And for a more detailed view on how they work in a video CLICK HERE

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tie Dye Nailz

So I tryed out the tie dye nailz again with some more vibrant colours 'Secret Peri-wink-le' and 'Rich and Famous' by china glaze im not great at it but i think it looks very different...I like these 2 colours together....
And one more thing ladies there is some greatttt contests going on atm dont forgot to check them out all very lovely ladies with some FAB nailz
painted Lady fingers
Tuli's Nails Polish & Stuff 
Beauty Judy 
Wow thats alot hhhehehehe makes me think hmmm maybe I should have a contest ...... What do u think ladies???

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bahamian Esacape Any1?

Hi ladiez how are you,this is another polish taken from my haul its 'Bahamian Escape' its a creamy blue and its gorjuzz i really love this colour I remember when I was about 11 having a creamy blue colour like this,so it bought back some great memories,ive always been into nail polishes,i remember when i was younger storing them in a minni esky because they started over flowing.Your probly wondering whats the last picture,if u click on it you may be able to see a hint of a pastel polish mixed in,I tryed out Nihrida's Technique by painted the nail to colour down the middle than grabbing a toothpick or any sharp tool and making lines so the colours kind of bleed togther,or as she likes to say 'tie dye nails' it turned out ok but i think cause the colours are so light you can really tell unless ur right up close,but ive done it again with some darkers so ill show that later.Hope your well ladies.Take care =D


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