Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was tagged by HershayzKissez to do 7 Facts about me,than pass this tag on to 7 other lovely ladies!

7 Facts About Me

1.I don't have a face book

2.I love reading I specially love reading Vampire novels eg.The house of night series,Vampire academy series I dont know what it is with Vampires but Ive always found them intriguing,I think it all started from Buffy

3.I love lipstick seriously my lipstick collection is starting to become like my polish collection.And I think MAC lipsticks have the best smell,that vanilla scent is delicious

4.I love fashion but I hate clothes shopping for myself,I'm not one for looking fashionable hand me a pair of trackies and I'm happy.Being comfy is what im all about!

5.When it comes to buying things for the house eg. Washing powder,toilet paper,tissues I always have to buy 'backup' and if one runs out I never use the second packet I always buy another,so there is always one there its so weird its like I think there is going to be some huge war and I'm not going to have toilet paper lol yes I'm strange very lol

6.I'm a sucker for celebrity perfumes and for some reason I find that they always smell nicer than some of the big brands out there.Oh and this is kind of embarrassing but my all time favorite perfume is 'Britney Spears Fantasy' I know I know pretty shocking but I think all her perfumes smell amazing.

7.And finally I'm a night owl,I stay up all night and I prefer the night time so much better.I think I'm Nocturnal lol

7 Gorjuz Ladies I tag

Now ladies tell me something interesting about yourself in the comments!
Take Care hope your all great


  1. #5

    Well I'm a neat freak and I thing sometimes to neat friends & family joke that I may have OCD.

  2. aw thank-you darling for the tag :)
    i love #3 & #7, i'm the same! *hi5*
    and hehe @ #5 :)


  3. I think the Britney perfumes smell awesome haha, but I would feel so embarrassed buying one :( I use a Mariah Carey one at the moment which looks and smells gorgeous, but I always feel the need to defend myself over it LOL

  4. Thanks for tagging me hun!
    I also love Fantasy!! I thought I was weird for loving it too..hahaha :P

  5. btw, skye, do you have BYS Sassy Salmon lipstick & MAC viva glam gaga? Can you do a comparison of them? Cos I was just putting on my Sassy Salmon and it looks really similar to pics I've seen of Gaga but I dont have the actual lipstick so I cant tell. Thanks babe! =)

  6. Thanks for the comment and the kind words!

  7. i also love the britney perfume that is my favorite perfume xoxo

  8. Hey, Thanks for tagging me :) Hmm something interesting...I love when kids just wake up and they're warm and they give you a hug. :)

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