Friday, April 23, 2010

MAC Helly Kitty Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder HUGE FAIL!

So ladies im sure ive said this before but MAC here in Australia is so expensive,so im always on the hunt for a good blogsale to get my hands on some MAC things.When the Hello Kitty collection came out I was so excited but there was no way in hell I was going to pay over 50bux for a face powder or 45 for a lipstick so I waited and this little beauty popped up on a blogsale,yes the packaging is adorable but thats it JUST THE PACKAGING!I dont know where Mac was going with this face powder when they named it Tahitian Sand,I was expecting some nice sandy wash of colour but I got nothing unless I swirl my brush around about 20x to pick up a bit of colour I guess its only good as a setting powder but even with that you still need a ton on the brush.In my opinion this was a complete fail on MAC's behalf but at least I have a cute compact..Now all I need is to learn how to depot the damn thing any suggestions?And have any of you tried this one out?

Aww soo cute!

Tahitan Sand ur a huge fail more like invisible sand!

Your little Hello Kitty face will stay indented in the powder because I can assure you,you wont be used!

This is after swiriling my fingers so many times I lost count!

Have any of you had a FAIL with any MAC cosmetics?
And if anyone wants to get rid of some MAC stuff let me know


  1. It´s perfect!!!and beautifullllllll!!! we love it...kisses

  2. I truthfully hate MAC eyeshadows- which seems to be a sin! I can't believe how disappointing that powder is. Truthfully most of the Hello Kitty collection was kinda disappointing to me :(

    I do have a tube of Girl About Town I was trying to swap away (I have Show Orchid which is almost the same).

  3. @Karina
    lol thanks :s

    yeah it seems like the HK collection was only about the packaging!oh thanks so much for the offer hun but I actually already own Girl About Town,it was my first ever MAC purchase!And u are so right Show Orchid and GAT or almost identical twins!

  4. Tahitian Sand was actually a repromote in the Hello Kitty Collection. It was released previously as part of the Catherine Deneuve collection. I noticed that both beauty powders that were repromoted with Hello Kitty were so light and sheer that they did not show up on my fingers when I swatched them.
    The only MAC fail I can think of off-hand that I had was with Zoom Lash. My lashes looked all stuck together and spidery.

  5. Aughhh don't you hate how expensive it is over here- especially with the LE collection packaging!?
    It's so frustrating! But hey, at least you've got a collector's item with the cute compact! :) xox

  6. naww cute compact!!

    lol i love ur description "invisible sand" :P

  7. Hahaha its true! Tahitian Sand does suck the big one, so did Pretty Baby. When I heard about the Hello Kitty collection I was expecting SO MUCH MORE than what they released with it. Boo MAC for this one.

  8. Yeah the packaging was cute that's IT.

    I bought Pretty Baby and Tahitian Sand.
    Both did not show up on my NC40 skin at all.

    I used Pretty Baby to tone down the "Tippy" blush.

    Got tired of both and swapped it.

    It was not worth it.

    You know you can use the compact and place your blot powder or bronzer in.

  9. I know Beauty Powders are supposed to be kinda sheer, but damn :(

  10. It is cute but makes you wonder what color the sand is in Tahiti! Very carefully try using a thin nail file, knife or thick needle to pry it out if you can. It's kinda scary cause you risk scratching the compact or digging into the pressed powder.

  11. Commenting on what Mona Z said: dip the file, knife, or needle in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Let the alcohol dribble between the pan and the compact so it can underneath the pan and loosen the glue that holds it in place. I remember seeing this method demonstrated by Koren of Enkore Makeup. Here's the YouTube video:

  12. the packaging is sooo cute, but i've heard soo many times that it is the most unpigmented makeup ever!

  13. @Deb
    Ahh Zoom lash I totally know what u mean that stuff is annoying to
    work with sometimes,btw thanks heaps for showing me how to depot
    the powder that was a great help!

    Yes Cait MAC really needs to do something about there prices,actually
    all Aussie makeup is extremelly expensive even chemist(drugstore) stuff
    is expensive

    Hehehe ye cute compact but deffinately invisible sand =p

    Yes a huge Boo Katrina I was expecting alot more aswell

    @Molly Tamale
    That sux hun,but its good you got rid of them at least and im going
    to try that depotting thing so I can replace the powder

    yes big DAMN they totally suck

    lol that exactly what I was thinking lol thanks for tip sis

    Yes the powders seem to be getting quite a bad review but the packaging
    is just adorable

  14. The only thing I liked from the hello kitty collection was the pink lip balm.

  15. aw that fails i have this peachy Hello kitty blush when they first had the collection and i love it!! Idk what if do with the color you have its kinda odd but of course cute container! they always get us with that knowing we would buy it.



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