Saturday, April 10, 2010

MAC Blushes-Swatches and my verdict

Hi ladies
MAC has some of the prettiest blushes ive come across and they seem to be able to suit any skintone from the lightest of light to the darkest of dark. Me being a NW20 which is almost ghostly white finding blushes has always been a struggle there either way to pink which ends up making me look like I have extreme sunburnt cheeks or there to brown which makes my skin look dirty.So after a ton of research online I took the risk and ordered 3 blushes off ebay and these 3 ended up being perfect!

From left to right Springsheen,Welldressed and Trace Gold

Now lets get up close and personal

Springsheen (Sheertone Shimmer)
Which MAC describes as a light peach with gold pearl pretty much sums it up I would also throw in there that its very Coral.They say this is a dupe for NARS Orgasm but ive never tried it, but from what ive seen online they do look quite similar.I only need a very light dusting of springsheen over the cheeks again cause im so white but once its really blended in, it gives that pretty peachy glow.

Welldressed (Satin)
MAC describes Welldressed as pink lady pink,I have no idea what that means maybe the perfect pink for ladies?Its a pretty baby pink shade that is fantastic for the whiter shade ladies,a dab of this really livens the face up without being to overpowering, and cause its so light its great to wear with dramatic eye and lip looks and perfect for those days when you just want a little colour to give you that natural glow

Tracegold (Sheertone Shimmer)
MAC describes this as Fairylight gold with shimmer,this is my bronzer! Yes you heard right my bronzer lol this is this perfect shade for those ladies who are like me and can never find a bronzer that dosnt give you the dirty cheek affect just enough gold to give a light bronzing on the cheeks and I even use it all over the face to give that suttle light tanned look,its also great for darker skin tones and can be used as a highlighter cause of the light gold shimmer.

Overall I really love MAC blushes its a shame they retail for $40 AUD cause if they were cheaper I would be spending like crazy!So ladies whats your favorite blush? Any recommendation's?


  1. Great choices of blush! I've been wanting to try Well Dressed for ages as it looks like a gorgeous pink, I like the look of the Springsheen too, I love peachy blushes at the moment

  2. They seem like really good blushes. But a girl my age who relys on her Monet from her parents definately can't afford them. So they would suit darker skin tones too right? Hmm I guess I'll just have to find cheaper dupes lol.

  3. My favorite MAC blush is Tippy, which was a limited edition color in the Hello Kitty collection. It's a very bright fuchsia in the pan, but it gives me a "just pinched" glow. You just need to use a light hand.

  4. I don't have any MAC blushes - being an older gal I've just discovered the glow you get from creme stick blushers. My fave is the now discontinued Pout sticks - like giant lipsticks (I have backups!) and the Elf multi-shimmer stick thing is good too. Also have one I picked up in that Estee Lauder Discount Cosmetics store - the brand's not familar to me but it's good

  5. I want them all! I really like Well Dressed.

    My dad is leaving to New Zealand tonight...I asked him to bring me back some souvenirs...are there any good cosmetics brand or brushes you recommend? I can just write a list of what to get me down there. I really lovee brushes though. I like to try different kinds. Let me know! I can always email him if he leaves before.

  6. All three are beautiful and definitely on my wishlist! Springsheen looks so pretty, I love peachy blushes. :]

    Thanks for dropping by my blgo and following! Im a new follower to yours as well! Your nails caught my attention! Love your blog girl! <3

  7. Well Dressed is lovely, I use that one a lot! I also love Dollymix for something a little more vivid :)

  8. I don't have any MAC blushes :( But I have a massive wishlist.

    I was going to comment and say Trace Gold is supposedly a good highlighter, but now that I've seen your swatches I think it would be a bronzer on me as well!


  9. Coygirl by MAC and the NEW MUFE HD blush in Quickie. :-)



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