Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Favorites

1.Cutex Nail Polish Remover,this stuff is great its really good cause it also has a nail whitening formula which works really well.

2.Mayballine Mineral Power concealer,its so hard matching a concealer and foundation to my white skin so double points for this,its covers all those nasty pimples that seem to pop up when you least expect it and great for under the eyes only a fiew dabs is needed cause a little goes a long way and the dow foot applicator comes in handy

3.Nail Tek Foundation II ive been using this for the last month as my base coat instead of the seche base coat and I must say I actually like this one better,cause it really smooths out the nail and gets rid of all those ridges perfect for a flawless nail polish application

4.CoverGirl LashBlast need I say more?I think this is just about everyones favorite mascara for me it creates those almost fake looking lashes which I love,I think this mascara is my all time favorite I hope they dont discontinue it cause honestly I think this is the best product ive seen Cover Girl ever produce.

5.MOR Cosmetics hand cream,Im not really much for handcreams but since its been getting colder in Australia my hands and skin seem to be becoming much more drier so this hand cream comes in handy I specialy love the scent it leaves even after washing my hands they still smell pretty.

6.LizEarle face moisturizer is fantastic for normal/combination skin ive been really enjoying this stuff my skin is so fussy when it comes to cream one day its oily the next dry as anything but using this moisturizer has really helped it get over its little hissy fit

7.Senna line and smudge brush is great for eyeliner on the top and bottom its a soft brush and not to big so its really easy to control im shocking when it comes to liner but with this brush its really helped

8.MAC BlackTrack Fluid line this stuff is AMAZING super black and creamy I actually use this on my waterline with the Senna brush its really good if you like dark heavy eyeliner its even great for the top lid liner but im more of bottom eyeliner girl

9.Carmex oh Carmex where would I be without you,you have saved my lips from burning chapped lip pain a billion times I love this stuff its great for using before you put on lipstick as a kind of primer but its even better for when you just think your about to get chapped lips,whack some of this on and ull be fine in a fiew hours seriously it works wonders great for winter which is coming up

10.MAC Lipsticks in Cute-ster its a mix between a peachy/pink nude and its a lustre so it gives off that glossy affect,Viva Glam GAGA need I say more the perfect pink and Hue the perfect everyday colour for alot of skin tones

11.1000 Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye,I have blonde lashes actually there like like see through you cant even see them so I look like a freak without mascara but I recently purchased this stuff and now I have a pretty black lashes!Great for days when you feel like putting no makeup on.

So ladies whats your April favorites?

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  1. I looooove 1000 hour eyelash dye. I use it all the time as I too have blonde eyelashes!

    I also dye my eyebrows too with a light brown tint from hairwell (I think they have changed name now, as well as price and what size the tube is, naturally).

    Who dosen't love Lash blast? I have about 3 backups of the stuff LOL!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE #4...CoverGirl lash Blast

  3. I totally love the Maybelline concealer too! I got it in one of those mineral power kits and its the perfect shade for me, and a little does go a long way! =)

  4. I've wanted Lash Blast mascara for a while, InshaAllah I'll get it this summer when my brother comes!

    By the way, I've taken a cue from your blog and I'm having a little virtual giveaway on Swell Blog Design. ;)

  5. yay you finally got 1000 Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye!

  6. Loooooooove Lash Blast <3 and Viva Glam Gaga

  7. I'm glad to hear such great things about the Nail Tek Foundation II! I just ordered it and can't wait to try it.
    And thanks for following my blog! :)



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