Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Spring It,My honest Review

Hi Ladies
So Rachel over at gave me the opportunity to review one of her My spring it's after I emailed her asking if I could have a sample .I'm going to be completely honest and let you ladies know what I think, just because it was free I'm not going to beat around the bush and give you a 'OMG ITS SO GREAT REVIEW' I'm going to be honest, cause face it honesty is the best policy!

So what is it you ask? Well basically its a spring with two little twisty handles on either side which allow you to control the spring to pull out all those hairs.Think of 'threading' but with a spring.I did try the spring it quite a few times and it definitely ripped out my hairs but with extreme pain,although I do like the concept of the spring it I think ill stick with waxing,spring it is more of a  slower process where as waxing is just wham bam thank you ma mam!Also another negative is the price at $15.99 USD that seems a little to much for something so simple,I also did my research and found exactly the same thing on eBay for $8.00 AUD including shipping but not for just one but for a total of 5 that's less than half price and your getting more for your money.
Overall the 'My Spring it' is great for getting rid of those hairs if you have a amazing tolerance for pain,and wish to pay a hell of a lot more for something you could find for cheaper on eBay with the same qualities.And I would like to thank Rachel for sending me the Spring it free of charge.

So ladies have any of you tried these springy hair removal things?
Would you be game enough to give one a go?


  1. Concept wise, this looks like a hand operated version of the 1980s Epilady. The hair was caught in rotating coils and ripped out. I haven't tried these yet, but I would certainly be willing to. Interesting!

  2. you know it's funny you mentioned this. I've read a few reviews and watched a few youtube reviews of people who received this product for review, and no one was able to give it a positive review. Fortunate for the buyers. unfortunate for the company.

  3. @Paintedladyfingers
    Yes its exactly like the Epilady same concept, you should deffinately try one , im just a sucker for a pain so this one hurt alot

  4. @Anstah
    Thats a shame, I mean the concept is great its just all about the pain and the price

  5. Interesting!!! we love this blog

  6. I had an Epilady way back in the day. My legs were silky smooth but that pain took some getting used to. Thanks for the review, I think I would prefer something a little quicker.

  7. @Karina e Katia
    Thanks hun I like your blog aswell,im now a follower :)

    @Taki J
    Its all about the pain for me :( im the same I prefer something quicker,waxing is just faster and less painful

  8. That just seems like a bad idea. I use an epilator type thing by panasonic, but its more like many tweezers but it doesn't hurt me.

  9. i didnt know what an epilady was, but googled it, turns out its the same as an epilator. well i use an epilator, but for my face, i use threading so maybe i should give this a try. inshallah will see. thanks for the review tho :)

  10. Salams sis, this looks frightening. I must admit Im lazy when It comes to hair removal and I also want something fast and painless which is maybe why I like wax.. out of all the hair removal methods i prefer waxing, I even think threading is extremley painful. :(

  11. OMG skye!! Your background and especially the banner is beautiful!! :D
    The spring it looks painful, but I kind of want to try it out just to see...

  12. oh that looks painful lol! i can hardly handle epilating let alone a springy thing! thanks for the review xx

  13. @Mona Z
    yeah its really painful Mona and slowww
    I like the sounds of your one better, less
    pain is better

    insha'allah sis, let me know if you give it a
    try mwaa xo

    Walaikum salaam sis hehe yeah its scary and painful

    Salaams sis hehe thankyou hun Mona Z did it for me yeah the spring is painful but you should try it just to see what im talking about lol

    verrrry painful hun dont worry im the same, i think waxing is the best for me =p

  14. sis idk if i told u but i tagged u, check here -

  15. I bought one of these after seeing a positive (yes, positive) review. I tried it a few times and all I can say is the lady who gave it the positive review must have one heck of a pain tolerance because Holy Guacamole THE PAIN! Slow, drawn out, self-inflicted PAIN! I gave up and bought some wax strips! This thing was invented by a sadist!

  16. @BubbliMuslima
    Oh thanks sis I shall do it very soon Ill post you the link as soon as i do thankyou mwaaa xo

    LOLLLLLLLLLL you made me laugh so much, yeah Im sick of hearing good reviews all the time, its about time someone stood up and said the TRUTH! Thanks for your comment hun =p

  17. I have one of these (got it off ebay for $5USD with free shipping) and while I like it, I admit it's painful as hell. I have to work myself up to use it, and make sure I'm ripping a tonne of hairs out at the same time, because it hurts too much doing a few at a time D:



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