Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Battle Of The MAC Pinks/Pinky Nude Lipsticks

Im a huge fan of the pinky/pinky nudes and although these 4 colours are quite similar they are also so different if that makes sense.Angel and Creme Cup are pretty close,I can almost say they are dupes,Cut-ster and Hue are also very similar although Cut-Ster has a more lipglossy feel than a lipstick and it also has some added glitter aswell as being much more sheerer than Hue.Overall these 4 would have to be in my top10 favorite lipsticks,and yes I say 10 cause aswell as nailpolish I also have a hugeee weakness for lipstick!

Whats you favorite Lipstick Brand/Colour?
Are you after a certain swatch let me know in the comments and ill see if I have it!


  1. Lovely lipsticks!! I've got Shy Girl and I love it! *-* it's a very nice nude ^_^

  2. Nice colors! I am so getting into pinks too! =D


  3. Both of my favorites are MAC as well. I love Purple Rite (pinky purple frost) and Girl About Town (deep fuchsia). Girl About Town is permanent, but Purple Rite was LE from the Style Warrior collection.

  4. My fav's are Myth,Blankety,Cream Cup and Hue w/ Florabundunce lipgloss.. I love Nude/Pink lips.. They go great with a smokey eye! Thanks for sharing! xo T


  5. I love M.A.C. I'm not sure what color it was, but it was a lighter pink. I recently went into my first M.A.C store...sadly there are none around my area at all :(


  6. I love MAC Hue...one of my def fav

  7. I have MAC's slimshine in Bare, Urban Decay's Naked and Aromaleigh's (discontinued) Sweet.
    They're all really nice pink nude shades.

  8. oh man!! i am a MAC fan all day baby! i LOVE angel, it's one of my favorite colors! i love the new gaga pink as well! its more of a creme base so its smoother!! u should try it, awesomeeeee

  9. Never bought MAC lipstick but I love those colors! By the way love your new background!

  10. Pretty colours! Unfortunately pinky nudes look odd on my skintone, I prefer peachy nudes more :)

  11. I love these hues!!! My favorites are bright lipsticks from Lime Crime, have you tried those?

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    Cawaii Lover

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  13. i like pale beige, using mac lip erase, and lipstick myth or creme d' nude...

  14. Heyy! Ooh thanks for the viva glam gaga dupe recommendation :D I shall check it out!

    As for that dodgy site, they said to me now that my order will be ready to shipnin 1-2 days and I said to them that I want a refund because in their slow-ass time, I've gone out and bought another dress as my sisters formal is on thursday! And theyre not letting me get a refund cos theyre 'processing' the order!
    I just said if you havent shipped it yet, then surely you can give me a refund cos i dont need it anymore!

    lollll mann this is the last time I buy something online that I need the following week :P

  15. How have you been skye?
    I tagged you! :)



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