Sunday, February 28, 2010

U Little Beauty Detox you face

Hello ladies
Im back once again with Ulittlebeauty, this time its a facial mask my new favorite,Its a clay base facial mask which detoxes your skin and leaves your face FLAWLESS. I introduce you to

Its just a light cream which you spread all over your face and within a fiew minutes it drys

U little beautie's products are amazing,I love how there is so many natural  organic ingredients and how they are not tested on animals.

After washing the mask off my skin felt firmer as though id had botox and all my fine lines and wrinkles had been completely smoothed out, I had no dead skin flakies on my face and a fiew pimples I had really died down.

*Deep cleansing
*Much cheaper than getting a professional face mask, this is super quick and is better
*Smoothed out fine lines and wrinkles
*Faded pimples
*Quick, fast and easy
*For such a large amount totally affordable considering you only need it once a week
*Exfoliates skin
*Unclogs pores
*Removes impurities
*Aussie owned and made
*Organic ingredients
*No animal testing

None at all seriously NONE!

Is it possible to say 100 out of 100 lol this stuff is seriously my new fave!

You can find the whole U little Beauty range on there website here

Saturday, February 27, 2010

BYS Lipsticks & Swatches

Hi Ladies,
I can hear you from here all saying "0o0o0o0o pretty!" BYS also have a makeup line with a great set of super pretty lipsticks!I know right lipsticks,makeup and polish BYS dosnt get any better,anyway I only have 3 BYS lipsticks in my collection so far but I will be back for more 100% I wanted to show you these ones cause I recently got Pink Flamingo in my Fashion Addict splurge I had the other day so I thought why not,lets whip out these beauties!

Sassy Salmon is a pinky/coral cream
Champagne Rain a nice nudeish brown cream
Flamingo Pink a pretty Hot Pink Fuschia with a blueish purple tint/shimmer

These lipsticks are really easy to apply being so smooth and creamy, there not quite comparable to Mac but I would say they are very similar to NYX round lipsticks, without that slippery runny feeling nyx gives on the lips whilst applying.The great thing about these babies is the staying power considering there a $3.95 AUS lipstick there fantastic when it comes to staying on.They also give a great coverage with a fiew swipes!

You find the whole BYS range on Fashion Addict and there other lipsticks you can find here

Friday, February 26, 2010

MAC Snob VS REVLON Pink Pout

Hi ladies
Today I bring to you 2 well known lipsticks in the makeup junkie world,Mac Snob and Revlon Pink Pout, they are both cool toned pinks on my NW20 ghostly white skin,Snob has some lilac/lavander undertones which you can really see under light once on the lips and Pink Pout aswell, Snob is actually a satin lipstick but I found it to be quite matte,overall there both really pretty colours but both MUST have a lipbalm underneath otherwise you may find some drying on the lips.But why I wanted to show you the lipsticks was because Pink Pout is ment to be a dupe for snob,they are very similar but once on the lips very different in my opinion, check out the swatches and tell me what you think,do you find these 2 a exact dupe or just similar?

Ulittlebeauty dream time night cream Review

Hi Ladies,
Today I bring to you a Aussie brand of skin products called "U little beauty" and may I just first off by saying this is the best name ive heard for a skin care range,"you little beauty" is kind of like Aussie slang for something being great and really good which is why I think its such a good name cause it really does fit the products!First off ill be telling you a little about there dream time enriching night cream.

U little beauty has some really fantastic ingredients including a Aussie source of Vitamin C called Kakadu Plum,Kakadu plum is packed full of great natural things like minerals,amino acids, fruid acids and thats just to name a fiew!

Overall I was really pleased with how this cream left my skin feeling,its not a really thick or thin cream its somewhere in between not to runny and not to thick which is just how I like my creams. I woke up with soft silky skin, but what I really liked about the cream was the soft lavander scent, specialy when its bed time the smell of lavander really made me feel relaxed and beautified.

*Fantastic ingredients
*Aussie made and owned
*No animal testing
*Paraben free
*Leaves the skin soft and smooth
*Perfect for all skin types
*Didnt break out our have any type of a reaction
*The smell made me feel really relaxed

*The smell of lavander for some people they may not like that
*Some people may prefer a thicker consistancy for a night cream

You can find the whole range here online  or from David Jones,Priceline and Terry White Chemists

I really love Aussie products so this range is a huge hit for me, specialy being owned and made in Australia,100 percent a 5/5 for me

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OPI Nail Polish-No Room For The Blues

Hi ladies
Today I have a OPI polish to show you which is odd for me cause its actually only the second OPI polish I own in my collection,im more into China Glaze,I used to not really like OPI polishes but for some reason after trying this one I found a new love for them I think mainly cause of the brush,I found myself only needing about 2 stroaks to paint my whole nail,I guess cause of the brush.Anyway this is OPI 'No Room For The Blues' you can pick this one up from the RY Recreate Yourself! website may also add in this site sells some really great all round beauty products,I suggest you check it out!Specially my fellow Aussie readers!If you like the look of this colour you can check out there complete OPI Nail polish collection by clicking here!

And ladies Mz Fashion Closet is having her last contest for the month of Feb,so get over there and enter it, you only need to be a follower and leave a comment super easy!Just click here to enter..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BYS-Baby Lets Cruise VS Pretty Pastel Peppermint

Hi ladies
Im pretty sure these pictures speak for themselves arent they just adorable colours, and there both new colours from BYS,Baby Lets Cruise and Pretty Pastel Peppermint! Such cute names as usual BYS does it again,you can find these colours on the Fashion Addict website just click here!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

China Glaze For Audrey Plus A Dupe For My Aussie Ladies!

Hi Ladies
Today I have China glaze for audrey to show you,im sure you have all seen plenty of swatches of this already but here are mine, and also a great dupe for my fellow Aussie ladies which they can find at Fashion Addict !

And now for the Aussie girls a almost perfect dupe,what do you ladies think?
You can find this colour on Fashion Addict or just click here and it will take you directly to the page you can purchase it at for only $4.95!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yes To Carrots Day & Night Creams

Hi Ladies
Back today with another review of 'Yes To Carrots' products,today ill be tell you a little about there day and night creams.They both leave your face feeling smooth, refreshed and moisturized. My favorite thing about the creams as I mentioned before was the ingredients this is taken from there site

Day Cream & Night Cream
Key Ingredients
Rich in Vitamin C and A, Pomegranate Peel protects the skin from free-radicals, whilst Ginkgo Bilboa Extract detoxifies and improves circulation.

The best thing about the creams is that you can use them as a kind of 'primer' for under your makeup which is a bonus cause you wont have to use 2 different creams to apply your makeup.After using these creams my face was left really glowy and as soft as a babies bottom =p

*Great ingredients
*Left my skin silky soft and smooth
*Smells nice
*Can be used under makeup
*Drys fast on the skin
*Creamy consistancy
*Available worldwide
*Cute packaging

*May be a bit pricey for some
*The smell may get over powering for some people

You can find a list of place Yes to carrots is stocked at this link

Fantastic,for me personally this product really worked for me 5/5

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

China Glaze Peechy Keen

Hi ladies to I have China glaze 'Peachy Keen' from the recent 'Up & Away' collection,I was so excited to try these polishes as creams are one of my favorite formulas when it comes to polish, and how can I not be impressed when it comes to China Glaze,Peachy keen is another hit from CG and should be in everybodies collection,I think this colour looks great on most skin tones,application was perfect 2 coats and you have the colour in the bottle,since im so white this almost come up like a neon cream peach on me but it really is a great colour.Mmmm any body feel like peaches and cream now?

And one last thing ladies dont forget to check out Mz Fashion Closet's nail polish giveaway, who dosnt love free nail polish! You can find the giveaway HERE!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Yes To Carrots Body Butter

Hi ladies today I have a great Body Butter to show you,I was never much into body butters until I came across Yes To Carrots, my skin has been so dry lately specially my elbows so trying out a body butter was right up my ally,and I was very impressed,I applied the cream generously over my body but realised a little goes along away and the cream sinks in your skin within seconds which is bonus cause I hate waiting for creams to dry.

The best part about Yes To Carrots Deleciously Rich Body Butter would have to be the fantastic ingredients one of the key ingredients is  Shea Butter, rich in vitamins A and E which we all know is fantastic for the skin.

I was left with soft,silky smooth skin all over my body,I even tried it on my feet and was suprised that it totally made them soft aswell,what a bonus. The complete range of Yes to carrots is paraben free and all there products are made from fresh organic vegetables and fruit, and the smell of the cream is just devine! 

And whats even better is that they dont test animals which is a must for me when im buying beauty products,Over all I highly recommend giving this body butter a try you will be suprised at how good it really is.Ill be back through out the week to show you some more amazing products from Yes to Carrots in the meantime you can check out there website here
And where to buy Yes Carrots here

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BYS-Temperamental & Valentines Day Mani

Hi ladies I was lucky enough to receive some polishes from Fashion Addict Director David,He sent me 3 brand new colours and lets just say I was totally BLOWN AWAY by these polish colours like seriously there totally gooooorjuz,and you ladies already know how much I love Aussie brand polish BYS,you can check out my other swatches of BYS nail polishes here and GUESS WHAT ladies, I remember quite a fiew of you asking me where to buy BYS polishes and the only place I knew was in Australia but the great news is that Fashion Addict ship overseas YAYYYY! So all you international ladies that love BYS can order some and see why us Aussie ladies always rave on about them..Anyway the first colour I choose to show you ladies is 'Temperamental' a super bright fuscia hot pink fluro creamy micro shimmer PINK! Oh and I added some pretty little diamond hearts with the Long Nail art brush David also sent me

You can find the whole BYS range of polishes here and did I forgot to you ladies that these polishes are only $4.95 each what a bargain! Now I also wanted to show you this super cool nail art brush

Its also only $4.95 and can be found here its great for picking up tiny rhinestones and glitter and than applying it to the nail,its also fantastic for making tiny polka dots on your nails!
Anyway ladies I really hoped you enjoyed this BYS polish as much as I did,and I would just like to say a quick THANKYOU to David at Fashion Addict for providing me with some fantastic nail polish and nail art brushes,ill be back later in the week with more BYS polishes and brushes to show you! And dont forgot to check out Fashion Addict.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tantalize Me

Hi ladies,
Hope your all doing well,and had a fantastic weekend! This colour is China glaze 'Tantalize Me' apart of the Fiji Fling collection its the most amazing shade,I thought it wasnt going to be a very bright colour but once put on it really stands out and has some real beauty to it,its like a lavander/lilac shimmer with blue through out it, I really cant explain it,but I hope the pictures do it justice!

And im not sure if you ladies have heard about the China Glaze collection 'Rainbow of Hope' but I think its a for such a great cause.

Taken from link
Reach for a cure.

Rainbow of Hope Collection extends the uplifting power of color to those impacted by a cancer diagnosis, including their families, friends, and co-workers.
China Glaze commits 18% of Rainbow of Hope display sales to cancer research organizations hand picked by members of the China Glaze brand family.


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