Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BB Couture Dancing Queen

Hi ladies
How are you all? Ive tried my first BB couture,I was so excited to try this brand ive heard so many raves about how fantastic there polishes are, and its all true the forumala is great Dancing Queen applied like a dream in just 2 coats,this colour is very pretty but it just didnt match my skintone and I think a colour like this is more for a matured woman for some reason.It just didnt work on me but im still totally in love with the BB couture polishes and ill definately be placing a order in.I would like to thank Kim over at overallbeauty.com for giving me the oppurtunity to try out such a great brand!

And ladies I have a kind of secret to tell you ive recently become addicted to playing PlayStation3 lol ive been playing 'Grand Theft Auto IV' non stop for the last couple of weeks online,does that sound geeky or what!But if any of you ladies play online ps3 let me know maybe we can play online together! Did I mention ill be 22 in July lolll ahhh still a big kid at heart =p

Senna Cosmetics Stunning Lip Sync Swatches & Review

Hi ladies
Today I have a lip sync from Senna Cosmetics in 'Stunning' to show you,its basically a 3 in one lip trio you can use the gloss,the lipstick or the gloss and lipstick together how good is that! It also has a plumping agent in it which will keep your lips lucious and plumped!The lipstick on Senna's website is described as a 'glowing earthy coral' and the gloss as  'golden sparkling'..Have a look for yourself!

From left to right the golden gloss,the lipstick on its own and last the lipstick with the gloss applied on top

Overall I really liked this Lip Sync the lipstick and gloss apply like a dream and the selection of colours is so pretty Ill be showing you some more Senna Cosmetics in the future!


      You can find all of Senna cosmetics at

Saturday, March 27, 2010

MOR Cosmetics Little Luxuries Cassis Noir Review and Pictures

Hi ladies
Today I bring to you one of my new favorite cosmetic brands ive come across straight from Australia,im so proud to say im Aussie when it comes to MOR cosmetics an amazing luxurious cosmetics line with delicous smelling products that actually work and dont contain any of those gross ingredients we all hate! I had the pleasure in trying out the Little Luxuries Cassis Noir collection which consists of a perfume oil,soap,body butter,hand cream and lip nectar.The Cassis Noir collection is scented by sparkling cinnamon leaf,bulgaria rose,and black current flirt with star jasmine which ends up being a warm seductive scent perfect for women of all ages who want a little luxary in there life.

The packaging is just sublime a mixture of a deep plum with black and trimmings of gold and to top it off pretty bows of silk to tie it all together.I didnt even want to open anything it looked that pretty!

The Perfume Oil is fantastic to pop in your bag and carry with you everywhere and cause its a oil it lasts much longer and your left with a scent that lingers all day

The Lip Nectar is a delicous plum colour that adds a pretty shine to the lips,the consistancy of the gloss is fantastic gliding on smoothly and not sticky like alot of glosses and the smell, mmmm just divine.And the gloss lasts hours.

The soap lathers great in the shower and your left feeling squeeky clean and smelling beautiful and it comes in the cutest tin which can reused once your finished with soap.

The body butter is great to use after using the soap,it leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated and is perfect for layering with the perfume oil as it has the same scent so you keep that smell all day

The hand cream is fantastic and since you all know how much I love taking care of my nails and hands this is perfect for me it left my hands feeling smooth and soft and it even made my cuticles appear much more healthier.And after washing my hands the scent of the hand cream was still there which I really loved cause usually with hand creams once you wash your hands it vanishes.

Overall this line is beautiful the packaging and design are breathtaking and the Little Luxuries collection blew me away with how great everything is,and dont even get me started on the smell.You ladies should really check out MOR cosmetics they have many other fantastic products, you will be impressed!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rimmel Blue Me Away

Hi ladies
Another great polish from Rimmel 'Blue Me Away' the colour of this is so pretty a blue shimmer with some purple going through it.Easy to apply and very fast drying.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mirenesse Sexy Secret Weapon 24HR Mascara

Hi ladies
Today I have a mini review on Mirenesse's Secret weapon 24hr mascara in black lace now first off I want to start with the packaging, its so cute and packaging is always one of my down falls cause if its cute I want it and Mirenesse really did that with this mascara,the box and mascara's packaging are in Black and Turquoise and the brush wand has a Turquoise diamond on the top,ahh so glamorous!

As for the wand its one of those plastic silicone brushes that have been slowly taking over the mascara world and I have to say I loveee them way better than the old brushes,the wand really helps seperate the lashes and coats each lash really well, the only problem I have with the mascara is that it dries so fast by the time you go in for a 2nd coat there just about dry but that can also come in handy if your in a rush and some girls even prefer for there mascara to dry fast but I like to at least get 3coats in without it drying straight away

As for the mascara being true to its word about 24hours I would have to say that's 100 percent right,I slept in this stuff and I woke up with the same lashes I went to bed with, not even any flaking which is great I personally think.The mascara isnt waterproof but it is water resistant which is what I like cause I can easily remove it with water when im washing my face.

The mascara dosnt give a overly dramatic lash say as covergirl lash blast would but it does coat each lash, seperate and really fan them out to give that natural fake eye lash look,have a look for yourself

Overall im happy with the mascara excluding the drying thing and what im really loving is that its Australian made and you know how I am with my Aussie brands! The mascara is also Paraben & Fragrance free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, alcohol free, SLS (soap) free which makes it fantastic for sensitve eyes and contact lense wearing eyes.

You can check out Mirenesse's website here & you can find there mascara here

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rimmel Green With Envy

Hi ladies
First I would like to say a big "Hiiii" to my new followers and of course my loyal old followers!And secondly a I would like to show you a new Rimmel polish I picked up in 'Green with envy' a pretty almost metalic greenish/blueish colour,it reminds me of a mermaid for some reason..I like the formula on Rimmel polishes not to thick and not to runny

And finally another ring from Fashion Addict I bought a fiew weeks ago isnt it pretty!
You find this ring here

Monday, March 15, 2010

BYS Nail Art Laquer Tiger Stripes

Hi Ladies
Im so glad you enjoyed my last post about the new BYS Nail Art Laquers so I thought I would show you a quick post on what I did with the purple nail art laquer, my favorite one.You can read my mini review and swatches on the laquers here.As you can see my nails are super short ive cut them all down but these simple tiger stripes look great with short or long.. Now im not the best with nail art but tiger stripes are always super easy just a fiew wiggles and you can totally transform your nails.I used China Glaze Midnight Ride and BYS Nail Art Laquer in Purple.
You can check out the whole range of BYS Nail Art Laquer's here..

By the way, Yayy for my 100th post!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BYS Does Nail Art Lacquers

Hi ladies
BYS has come out with the some great nail art lacquers, the ones that have super thin brushes to get that perfect nail art application,David from Fashion Addict was kind enough to send me the new range to try out.First off the arrange of colours is great, I think every colour of the rainbow is there.Since im totally crap at nail art im not going to show you my crappy attempt at trying to do some art, but I will tell you that most of the colours are fantastic and as usual the formula on the BYS lacquers is great,I do have one thing to kind of complain about and thats a fiew of the neon colours need a fiew strokes to actually get the colour thats in the bottle, but I guess thats with every neon polish.

The brush is really thin as you can see, this makes it really easy to apply clean straight lines

The colours swatched on some white lined paper

My favorite would have to be the purple nail art laquer,I really hope BYS brings this colour out in a nail polish,whats you favorite colour?And are you ladies into the nail art brush thing?

You can find the whole range of BYS Nail Art Lacquer's Here

Perfect for creating racing stripes

Some Funky Tiger Stripes

The perfect french tip

Sunday, March 7, 2010

China Glaze 'Light As Air'

Hi ladies
Another beauty from the China Glaze Up and Away collection, im so impressed with this collection by far its one of fave's Light as air applied like a dream with only 2 coats needed.And such a pretty colour!

Last week I did some shopping on Fashion Addict and had a little bit of a splurge on some of there pretty rings,I picked up a couple of them so ill be showing you what I got in the next couple of posts. This one was only $6.95 and its a super cute silver bow,you find this one here for $6.95 who can complain with such cuteness on ones finger.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

MAC Viva Glam GAGA

Hi ladies
Can I get a squeeeeeeee for how pretty this lipstick is! I was so excited when I heard that Lady Gaga was teaming up with MAC to create a lipstick, but I was actually suprised to see how simple and pretty this lipstick shade was,coming from Gaga I was expecting some super bright crazy unwearable colour but this shade really impressed me! And the great thing about the Viva Glam collection is that the money you spend on each lipstick/gloss goes to the MAC Aids Fund.

Even the box has her signature on it

And the actual tube of lipstick has her signature on it aswell

The first swatch is applied with one stroke and the second about 3 swipes

Viva Glam Gaga is a really pretty shade,and it looks great on my NW20 skin ive heard many other reviews of girls saying its a great everyday colour,but personally I wouldnt wear this colour everyday,maybe on the weekend but not to a professional work environment.To me its very similar to MAC Angel and NYX Strawberry Milk kind of a mixture of them two.Anyway ladies if you want any swatches of perticular lipstick etc let me know..Take care ladies :)


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