Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lux Addiction Phone Cover Review

I have something super blingy for you today,actually major bling.Its one of  Lux Addictions custom made iphone covers.Firstly ill start off with the packaging the cover obviously comes in two parts back and front and they were packed in some protective plastic,than packed in a super cute silk bag all secured in a cardboard box with no way of escaping or getting damaged which I found to be fantastic specially when the cover appears to be so fragile.

Now you will notice I just mentioned fragile,you would think just by looking at the cover you would have to treat it as if it were the Queens crown,but actually even though the cover is totally covered in bling its really durable which comes as a suprise to me because most covers that have as much detail as this one usually fall straight off as soon as you throw it in your handbag, but that's wear Lux Addictions QUALITY really comes into play.

I did just about everything I could think of trying to get at least one crystal to fall off that included chucking it in my handbag while I shopped, shoving it in my tracksuit pant pocket as I cleaned around the house, and finally about an hour of App games.Not one crystal fell off, its now been a few months with the cover and still not one has fallen off maybe that was just my luck but honestly the crystals are extremely difficult to come off. Mind you Lux Addiction does throw in some extra crystals just in case one does fall off. I will admit depending on what style of cover you get it may be a little chunky due to major bling but hey personally I love that,oh and just be aware that your phone will be a serious show stopper every time you pull it out in public and not to mention the most sparkliest thing in the room!

Overall I absolutely love my case and my experience with Lux Addiction, fast shipping, excellent customer service and a reasonable price for something thats customed made.

Price $79.95USD


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