Sunday, July 17, 2011

China Glaze Second Hand Silk and Im Back!

Why hello there,long time no blog! Sorry I've been gone for sooooo long ladies I've been dealing with some personal issues lately that would just make anyone too depressed to even hear about but Ive learnt that after every storm there is usually a rainbow and that's how its kind of been regarding my life. I went through something that was life changing but ended up having so many blessings after the storm! All I can say is Alhamdulillah (thanks/praise to God).

Ok now for a less dramatic intro I recently went to the nail supply store, unfortunately there really wasn't anything to exciting regarding new China Glaze colours. Australia is so slow when it comes to receiving China glaze collections, the nail supply store's most recent one was the 'Up and Away' collection yes you heard me most recent lol! The best way for us fellow Aussies is to buy online but unfortunately we end up paying double for each polish with the cost of postage grrr. Oh wow I really rave on don't I lol sorry ladies ok now to the polish China Glaze Second Hand Silk yeah I know its old, so old its from a collection from 2008! Old but gold I say, my pictures really don't do this colour justice at all, its more of a baby barbie pink that's a mouthful isn't it. Very girly,pretty and perfect for fair skin tones. As I said my photos really don't do this justice but I thought Id give you a little look anyway than maybe that way you could check out other swatches online and see just how pretty this colour really is.

And I just had to show off my latest ring I added to my collection I'm loving Turquoise jewellery

Hope your all doing great!



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