Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kardashian Kollection my thoughts and opinions

Today whilst at my local shopping centre I popped into Strandbags and for those of you who aren't in Australia its a bag shop. Anyway I was just having a browse until something extremely bright,sparkly and Pink caught my eye. I picked up this clutch looking bag and to my dismay what do I see KK and in case you don't know what KK stands for its Kardashian Kollection. I was surprised I must tell you. I thought they were only going to be selling the line at David Jones.I didn't really see a whole lot from the collection only a bag,clutch and purse and to be completely honest with you it was just "meh" I mean don't get me wrong the colours and diamontes were super cute but nothing to say WOW over. To be brutally honest I kind of thought they were a little tacky and cheap looking. Kind of like something you would see at the markets for 15bux along with 100 other rip off label bags and purses (oh and trust me I'm all for those rip off bags I love my fake Chanels and Louis Vuittons cause I sure as hell wont be able to afford the real thing anytime soon )but like I said these were tacky. I kind of expected a little more from the Kardashians considering how extravagant and drama queenish (ye drama queenish I just made that up) they are. Kind of a let down. But ill let you be the judge here's the clutch and purse I spotted.

I must admit pricing was quite surprising the clutch was around $70ish and the purse $50 not bad I guess but I wouldn't even bother forking out anything for these two particular pieces. Maybe I'm just fussy actually scrub that I'm not fussy I just like spending money on things that are actually worth it and honestly I just don't see it in these two pieces.Ive only seen a few pieces up close and personal ill have to see some more of the collection I guess.  Anyway Ive done enough blah blahing let me know in the comments below whats your thoughts on the Kardashian Kollection and will you be purchasing anything from it?

P.s What's you opinion on the Kim situation was the wedding one big publicity stunt or did she marry for love?


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