Monday, March 26, 2012

Furless Makeup Brushes

Furless makeup brushes are quickly becoming my new favorite brush to use specially considering they are fur-free, vegan and halal friendly. I really like the halal part as most of you know I am a practicing Muslim so having halal makeup products is an added bonus and Furless Makeup Brushes really provides that for me. I was sent the Duo Length Synthetic Stippling Brush,although the brush is duo length it doesn't contain any goat hair which is fantastic because most duo length brushes do contain goat hair. The Furless stippling brush is a fantastic brush for applying liquid foundation but in all honestly I even use it for blush and bronzer. It really is a great brush for all round use. Furless Makeup Brushes are cheap without skimping on quality and there Australian owned so another added bonus. They also ship internationally so for you international ladies you can get your hands on some of these babies.

Who Furless Makeup Brushes
Price $12.95 AUD

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