Monday, April 23, 2012

Derma Intensive+ 3 in 1 Fragrance Free Facial Wipes

Derma instensive+ 3 in 1 Fragrance free facial wipes are my new makeup remover although they are a facial wipe they are still great to use for makeup removing they gently cleanse, tone and moisturise delicate skin. Keyword there being delicate which is what my skin is aka super sensitive. The Derma wipes are really gentle but still remove all forms of makeup even waterproof mascara and stubborn lipstick that stain the lips. They are Dermatologically tested,fragrance free, soap & alcohol free. I really love that they are 3 in 1 making them great to use when your in a rush and cant wash your face, or you are traveling etc the 3 in 1 really comes in handy. There are 25 wipes in each packet and are great for all Skin types. You can find the complete Derma Intensive+ range at Coles and I have to say they have amazing prices for such quality beauty products.Here is a little tip from beauty expert and makeup artist for the stars,Mia Hawkswell

"Using face wipes to remove your make up? I like to rinse my
wipe with warm water and use it as a face cloth to wipe away
left over make up and residue. Using a dirty wipe increases
your risk of irritation and breakouts so before each
application make sure you rinse the wipe until it is clean."

Who Derma Intensive+
Where Coles supermarkets
Price $2.00AUD for 25wipes


  1. I like the look for these but I am a little bit sceptic of the price, it worries me a little when products are so cheap. I like that they are gentle and perfect for all of us X

  2. @Ingrid
    I was sceptical at first with all there Derma intensive+ products but trying them I actually think there really good.And yes its a bonus that they are great for all skin types!

  3. I don't recommend using these wipes if you have sensitive skin. I used one just to wipe my face gently and my face ended up swelling up, being very red and patchy and extremely itchy.

  4. love these so much. i buy multiple packets so i don't run out and they remove all types of makeup. gental on skins and leaves it nice and soft.

  5. I don't know I really hated these. They have an awful smell for fragrance free wipes and they made me bright red



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