Monday, November 26, 2012

Fabulous Triple Tough Review

I've been trying the Fabulous triple tough nail treatment for about a month now. It has keratin and vitamins E & B6 which are all great for moisturizing and strengthening. It's simple to use just apply 1 coat daily than on the 4th day remove polish and start again. I started noticing a difference in the health of my nails after the first 4 days of use they looked a lot more hydrated and healthy and I even noticed a descent amount of growth. My nails feel a lot stronger I do normal everyday chores almost every time I have a nail break or chip but after using the Fabulous nail treatment I survived the cleaning & cooking with all 10 nails intact. I would definitely recommend it for those of you who have nails in need of some serious moisturizing and strengthening.
As you can see my nails grew a descent amount in the 4 days that the treatment was applied you can also see how much more healthier my nails appear.
Who Fabulous
Price $10.95 AUD 15ml


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