Monday, May 7, 2012

Redwin Sensitive Skin Sorbolene Moisturiser

Redwin sensitive skin sorbolene moisturiser is a great cream for head to toe use. It moisturisers and hydrates skin without any harsh ingredients, making it perfect for sensitive and normal skin types. I use Redwin sensitive skin sorbolene as a all over body moisturiser. As the winter months are approaching my skin seems to be getting much dryer and flaky specially around my arms and legs so a moisturising cream around this time is a must for my skin. I also find it helpful while shaving my legs, which sounds odd but because my skin is so sensitive I am prone to those little tiny red bumps after shaving, but I just use the sorbolene as a shaving cream instead and I find this really helps with not getting any bumpy reactions . On the back of the bottle it gives some multipurpose ideas for use like ideal for working hands,nappy rash,skin rashes and sunburn,shaving cream for legs,underarms and face, and finally makeup removal. So overall I think the Redwin sensitive skin sorbolene moisturiser  is fantastic for the whole family. So many benefits in one bottle and for such a affordable price, you cant go wrong at $4.95 AUD for a 500ml bottle.Here is a little tip from beauty expert and makeup artist for the stars,Mia Hawkswell

"After a shower, moisturise your skin while it is slightly damp and still warm.
This will help it absorb into the skin, without requiring as much product. To
refresh dull winter skin, massage moisturiser into your skin to help stimulate
blood circulation."


Who Redwin
Where Coles nation wide
Price $4.95 AUD 500ml

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reef Coconut Body Butter Review

I remember as a pale 13 year old smelling Reef tanning lotion in my grandmothers beach bag she has and still to this day was blessed with the Greek side of her and has olive skin unlike myself which has ghostly white skin as you all know. I remember slathering that tanning lotion all over myself reapplying about 7 times in the matter of half an hour wishing and praying that I might just get a hint of a tan and not a body like a lobster. I was lucky I did get a slight tan ,well as much as white skin can tan. But the thing that burns in my memory was the beautiful scent of the tanning lotion, so you can imagine how nostalgic it was when I was sent Reef's Coconut Body Butter. First off the packaging is cute I love the logo on the Reef products as you can see colourful and eye catching. But the smell is just Divine its what I would think the Bahamas would smell like or some place beautiful and tropical, the actual scent description is tropical coconut. The texture of the body butter is rich,creamy and smooth and I really love that no matter how much you apply your skin isn't left with a oily residue which is something I really hate in some body butters. As soon as you apply the Reefs body butter it instantly absorbs into the skin leaving behind a gentle tropical coconut scent and your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Great for after the beach,shower/bath or just anytime your skin needs some love!

Who Reef Sun
Where Supermarkets & Pharmacies Australia wide
Price $10.99 AUD 150g


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