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Best Acne Treatment for Teens, Men & Women in 2017

Finding the best acne treatment can be a long process of trial and error, it usually ends with teenagers giving up and seeking medical intervention or forces adults to simply give up caring about acne. Spots are a problem most of us have had during our teenage year, although it’s not only teens,  men and women also suffer from bad acne. Some people have more aggressive problems with spots and zits than others. For example,  teens have the most obvious problems with spots due to hormonal changes, puberty and the growing process. You are likely reading this page because you simply haven’t found the best product yet. Your treatment should ACTUALLY work to prevent spots, blackheads, and whiteheads from forming as well as work to remove bacteria from your skin which is causing any active outbreak.

A tough ask but we are going to show you the top treatments and products for preventing and clearing these pesky skin problems. It doesn’t matter if your shopping for a man, women or even a teenager all of these products have a record of helping everyone – although some are better for others based on your preference!

Best Acne Treatment Product in 2017

Exposed Skin Care - Voted Best
Exposed Skin CareVisit Website
$49.95 - $94.95
5 out of 5
Overall Score 5/5
Active Acne Fighting Ingredients
Benzoyl P.
Sacyclic Acid
Glycolic Acid
Organic Ingredients
Green Tea
Passion Flower
Aloe Vera
Sage Extract
Tea Tree Oil
4 out of 5
Overall Score 4/5
Active Acne Fighting Ingredients
Dandelion Root
Burdock Root
Licorice Root
Organic Ingredients
Aloe Vera
Ulmaria Root
Soy Lecithin
ClearPoresVisit Website
3 out of 5
Overall Score 3/5
Active Acne Fighting Ingredients
Benzoyl P.
Sacyclic Acid
Glycolic Acid
Organic Ingredients
Green Tea
Passion Flower
Aloe Vera
Sage Extract
Tea Tree Oil

If you are like me then you have probably spent hours in the mall hunting for the top rated acne treatment or best face wash for spots only to find out that they don’t work! Have you been spending hundreds of your hard earned dollars every year on different products with none of them working? We have listed 3 of the best products for clearing spots, pimples – whatever you call them – on the market in 2017. These all have a track record of providing help to men, women, and teens with acne. These remedies have been proven to work for thousands of men, women, and teenagers suffering from acne – if you have been trying to find out how to get rid of spots, you have found the answer above.

With our help, you can start your road to a clearer face and decide which face wash is best for your skin type and most importantly your bank balance. Above we have a small table of arguably the 3 top face wash products available.

Exposed Skin Care Reviews – Voted Best Acne Treatment

Exposed Skin Care - Acne Treatment

Exposed Skin Care – #1 Recommended Choice

Our number one rated and arguably the best acne treatment for 2017 is the very well known Exposed Skin Care. This product comes with a fantastic one year, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Further to that we also rate Exposed as the best for all skin types (apart from those with sensitive skin) not to mention its a great acne solution for men, women, and teens. The product is well known as the best for combination skin and is known to be one of the few treatments that work. Exposed is also arguably the best for men, something we plan on putting to the test VERY soon.

With proven results and glowing Exposed Skin Care reviews from customers all around the world, not to mention being considered the best for teenagers and men. We consider Exposed to be the best product on the market for 2017 so make sure you consider it as one of the best face wash for spots available.

After reviewing the product we found that the top reason for it working so well is down to its unique blend of natural and synthetic ingredients which seem to give it that extra kick for preventing spots. Usually, when one of our readers asks for tips on how to get rid of spots we send them in the direction of Exposed especially if they have had spots since a teenager.

ZenMed Derma Cleanse Reviews

ZenMed - Treatment

ZenMed – Treatment

Perfect for those of you with sensitive skin Zenmed Derma Cleanse should be considered your top choice for those with sensitive skin. The only reason I have Zenmed as second best is because I personally have oily skin which makes Zenmed less effective. Although, my partner is the opposite and she likes Zenmed – hence why it is a very close second!

Zenmed doesn’t utilize the same ingredients as Exposed Skin Care which makes it milder, the exact reason it’s a good fit for those with sensitive skin. ZenMed Derma Cleanse does offer natural and synthetic ingredients which again act as a big kick for preventing spots developing.

Acne Treatment Product For Men & Women

Did you know that your choice of acne face wash should depend mostly on what type of skin you have and has almost no relation to if you’re a man or women? If you were to get a treatment that wasn’t meant for your skin type then it might be completely useless or worse, cause it to break out more than before. Most men and women looking for an acne cleanser will assume that products should be different and do different things, but in reality, the only thing that matters is your type, any allergies you have and making sure your general hygiene is good. So, when we suggest something as the best acne product we really do mean it works for most customers regardless of age and sex, it’s all down to your type.

Most of us, I included, have what is commonly known as combination skin type. This basically means that we have some parts (forehead, below the lower lip and commonly sides of the nose) are oily and other parts are dry. This is also known as the Oily T-zone.

At the top of this page, we have the recommended treatment comparison table which shows you exactly how effective each of the products is with dry and oily skin. All you have to do is make sure you find out which skin type you are and then pick the associated one for your type. Always be sure to check out the ingredients just to double check there is nothing that you may be allergic to.

For both men and women, the results are generally the same, the main things you need to pay attention to is your type, allergies, and sensitivity. The all round top acne treatment for men is arguably Exposed Skin Care.

Best Acne Treatment for Teens

Probably the most asked question of parents when their teenager starts getting spots is “What are the best acne products for teens?”. I know my mother asked this very thing of my family doctor, her friends, and even family. I had some VERY bad spots and blackheads in my teenage years, so bad I actually tried medical treatments specifically for teenagers going through puberty! This was many years ago and fortunately, we have some great products available for this generation’s teens.

Why do teens get spots and blackhead?

Best Acne Treatment for TeensAs a teen your hormones will literally be all over the place, the body is maturing and that means your skin will be changing also. During this process, it can result in clogged pores, infected spots and simply put massive amounts of blackheads. For me, I had a severe amount of spots on my face, chest and all across my back. It was the back acne (spots on the back) which actually caused me the most hassle when I was a teenager and the reason my doctor got involved, other than that though a regular acne cream like those above (e.g. Exposed Skin Care ) worked great for my face.

From my point of view, I don’t think age really has much to do with which treatment is best for spots on the face. What is important is skin type and making sure as a teenager you wash regularly (Yes, boys that means showering at LEAST once a day and washing your face with a face wash!).

Which acne treatment for teens should you choose?

So, you’re looking for an acne solution that has the best chance of working and clearing up all those nasty spots on that bright and cheerful teenage face of yours. Like I mentioned earlier, in my opinion, the most important factors contributing to spots is skin hygiene and getting a product that suits your skin type and if you have allergies or are sensitive to certain ingredients. In most cases Exposed Skin Care is the one, you should be buying regardless of if you’re a teen, man or women! We, like many customers, consider Exposed Skin Care to be the best product available for preventing acne.

The reason for this is down to a few points, one being the cost the overall cost of the acne kits are cheaper than some other treatments. Also, Exposed has ingredients that specifically target the spot causing bacteria, clogged pores and promotes overall healthy skin. Most other acne face washes for teens generally only include one or two ingredients, Exposed includes everything proven to help fight spots at the root.

Exposed Skin Care Deals

Acne is more common in teenagers who have parents who were also hit hard in their teens. Acne is, in fact, a hereditary condition, meaning if there is a family connection then it’s more likely to be present. The best method for treating breaks outs is to simply practice good hygiene from an early age. Ideally, by the time your child is a teenager, they will already have a grasp of facial cleansing, hydration and maintaining a healthy diet. Starting early means you can also start small, so just teaching your child to wash their face properly every day is a good start. From there you can slowly progress to using specific bacteria fighting treatments, moisturising, hydrating and general maintenance.

If you have found previously that teaching your teenager to maintain their skin has been difficult then you may have fallen into the trap of pushing too many steps and tasks. Starting small with simple short facial cleansing is the best step 1. Once your teenager is comfortable carrying this out then you can progress to another task. With this in mind, if you do buy a treatment for teens then a suggestion would be for one or two parents being up to scratch with the steps involved – you don’t want to think a treatment hasn’t worked just because your teenager has forgotten more than not! I know this feeling all too well.

Acne and Teenage Boys

Surprisingly teenage boys have skin problems during the years of puberty to the point where many will start taking care of their skin in a bid to stop and prevent more spots. A lot of our readers are young male teenagers looking specifically for best acne fighting products. Although in a lot of cases the issue on teenage boys and men may look different from women it is caused by the exact same bacteria and root causes. In other words, the same treatments can be used regardless of being a girl, boy, woman or man.

Teenage guys can rest assured that spots will generally not cause any issues with facial hair. There may be other minor issues such as ingrown hairs but overall acne isn’t a concern for maintaining facial hair or a beard. So, guys, you don’t have to worry too much although it would be wise to keep facial hair to a minimum while you treat your spots.

Acne Isn’t Just On The Skin with Teenagers

When I was a teen I went through some very bad spot breakouts and it was horrible having to deal and hide it from school mates. It wasn’t just the physical presence though. When you’re at school it can lead to bullying, anxiety and depression. Teenagers already have raging hormones meaning their emotions will literally be all over the place which can result in more emotional damage than anything else.

Treating teenage spots doesn’t start and stop with skin. Teens often keep things bottled up but as parents and guardians, you will need to be aware that emotional side of  skin problems will need its own “treatment”.

How To Get Rid Of Spots– Acne Products that actually work

You will know or will have read by now that there are hundreds of different treatments available to get rid of acne and no doubt you have tried a lot of them. For most people its difficult to find treatments that work.  If you are like me when I was a teenager you will be frantically trying anything just to rid of the spots that seem to appear daily. The Most effective preventative treatments that you can get over the counter include ingredients that have been proven to work.

  • Glycolic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Benzoyl Peroxide

Green TeaA lot of people and teenagers tend to forget about Mother Nature when thinking about the best solution, she has a few ingredients that work great for clearing up and preventing spots from spreading. Green tea, Tea Tree Oil, Honey and even Lavender are just a few natural ingredients you will find in all of the leading spot prevention products. These ingredients have a whole host of other health benefits as well as being great for getting rid of spots.

A few of these natural ingredients have proven to be so effective at preventing spots that there are dedicated products that you can get over the counter with these ingredients as the main or only ingredient.

Both the natural and active ingredients have different properties that make them effective in spot prevention and when you mix them together you will end up with a VERY effective product that will harness both Mother Natures ingredients and active ingredients which are all proven to work.

It is very important that when selecting the best treatment for your teenager or yourself that you know exactly what you are getting. With cheaper products, you won’t get enough of the proven spots fighting ingredients to make a big enough difference. Meaning you can be caught in the cycle of jumping from product to product hoping for something to work.