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Introduction to Acne, Treatments & What I Think Of It All

If I had a choice of either having acne or coming down with the flu, I would choose the flu over acne. Why? Because it’s just a few days of being unwell rather than acne breakouts that can last months or even years in some unlucky people. An acne problem does not have to last long at all with the correct treatment. And yet, for millions of people around the world, acne has become one of common skin problems.

Although not the only reason, acne is formed when your skin pores become so clogged that your skin starts to get inflamed and some cases infected. The natural skin oils have no where to go due to the clogging, pus starts putting pressure within the inflamed area until the skin erupts to release the pus. This is often painful due to the tender and inflamed skin. I know it can sound and even look gross, but many cultures are plagued by this skin condition. Although acne can happen on any part of your body, it is the face, chest and back that are most often affected.

Of the upper body, the shoulders and upper (and even lower) back can at least be covered up. It is when you have acne on the neck and facial area that other consequences of having acne begin to develop. That being said, when I was a teenager I had a serious back acne problem that resulted in white shirts being covered in puss and blood after a day of school. Feelings of depression, lack of self-esteem or even aggression may accompany those who have problems with skin acne. The more severe the skin condition the more severe emotional and mental health play a part. How each individual deals with their acne can also determine how they see their life. Acne can easily play on your mind, especially when friends and family have seemingly clear skin.

How Can Acne be Treated?

Though acne is a common problem, it is also one skin disease that is very easy to treat and prevent. I still get conflicting resources on whether or not acne is actually a disease or just a skin condition which we naturally develop. Anyway, one thing to remember is that the best acne treatment that you could ever have is the one that actually works for you.

If your best friend told you that Product A is the best product because it worked for him, it may not necessarily work for you. Simply put, everyone is different and everyone will react differently to different products. The type of skin you have could very well determine the type of acne treatment you need. Modern medicine is always coming up with new acne related medicine and technology to help those with serious forms of acne. We go over which treatments are best for each skin type in our best acne treatment buying guide.

For lovers of all things natural, there are many herbal concoctions and natural acne remedies that have been used for decades and even centuries. On this note, generally naturally acne treatments don’t work as effectively although they do produce reasonable results on mild acne problems.

Sometimes you can’t control your environment. Even seemingly natural health nuts can develop acne problems. However, you should also ask whether or not they work or play in toxic environments. More people in cities develop acne than in the country side due to pollution. Your acne could also be caused by toxic makeup, too much makeup or even your current acne treatment! In this case the best treatment may be to either change what you use for something more tailored towards fighting acne – Exposed Skin Care comes to mind for this exact issue.

There are many ways to treat acne and even more products to service those needs. You have likely spend hundreds on acne treatments over the months or even years while living in hope that it will get better. A rule of thumb I used was try something for a month, if it didn’t work as I expected I would change to something new – that was until I discovered Exposed Skin Care, it works great whenever I have a acne breakout.

If your acne is really serious, you should be seeing a doctor who will refer you to a skin specialist called a dermatologist. It may be a lot more expensive but at least you will save time experimenting to see which product works and which works the fastest. When I was a teenager I had to go down this path for my bacne, not something I would recommend for mild acne as the medications are very brutal on your skin and mental state.

Think about it. Most individuals that have acne are teenagers. If you’re in this category, do you want to spend your young years trying to cure your acne or do you just want to go out and have fun? The make sure you get yourself a proper skin care regime with a good acne treatment and you should do just fine. You also have to remember having one or two spots is normal and not something you should be looking to get acne treatments for.

Is Adult Acne Different?!

Adult Acne Treatment

So when you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror you found you had a face full of acne – and you thought acne was just for teenagers?! Well, the only reason you’re thinking that is because it is prevalent mostly in teenagers so we don’t bother to pay attention to other age groups.

Teenagers and adults can both attribute hormonal changes as the main trigger for their acne problems. But there are differences. Where growing up and living with acne almost seems like a right of passage for many teenagers, an adult who’s already grown up usually has other issues they’re dealing with. Ultimately lifestyle is the single biggest factor for just about anyone wanting to cure just about anything. Yes, there are some illnesses and conditions you may not be able to prevent, but there are still many that you can. If you look around you, I’ll bet you know more adults that have acne that you realize. In fact, almost 1 out of 4 men and 1 out of 2 women will have had acne at some point in their young adult lives; I mean those adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Your doctor may sometimes prescribe hormonal treatments that will help to stop your bout with adult acne, but as mentioned above adults usually have other issues they’re dealing with like stress, diet, wrong skin care products and other toxins. But, as with teenage acne; adult acne is generally not caused by diet. Stress has been cited as one possible cause of adult acne but that assertion has never been verified. Treating adult Treating adult acne is not as easy as treating acne for teenagers.

Skincare Should be a Priority

Skincare Should be a Priority

One good thing about teenagers is that they usually don’t have to worry about their skin drying out, whereas adults tend to be concerned about that all the time – hence the term “wrinkles”. Well, as an adult I don’t want to have wrinkles but I don’t want to have pimples either. Never mind both!

If you’re an adult reader and have acne, what are you doing about it? If you’re not doing anything, then you should check out our guide to finding the best acne treatment for different skins types – regardless of being a teenager, man or women. As I said above, you’re not alone. There are a lot of adults out there who suffer from acne but there are many treatments available that you can take advantage of.

Many think the best treatments are provided by doctors but generally there not long terms solutions. A good acne treatment that helps clear the skin, remove dead skin cells and provide care for your skin type is the best solution. Acne can be caused by many different reasons but helping your skin be healthy is the best way or preventing spots.

Sometimes all it takes is a few lifestyle changes and a good acne face wash to help clear up all that adult acne you couldn’t get rid of before.