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Weight Loss, Getting Healthy & Personal Training

I am overweight.

I have been since I was 18, I am now almost 30. I weight close to 19 stone, have an injured back (disc bulges) and generally feeling poorly due to aches and pains. My resting heart rate used to be in the 80s but recently I have moved house and now have to climb a lot of stairs, walk more around the general area and have increased my exercise a little meaning my resting heart rate (according to Fitbit) is now in the 60s.

The resting heart rate means a lot to me because although I have not lost weight recently its part of my life I wanted to improve, granted the real change is still to come.

Recently I have started counting calories to help my weight loss, nothing special but enough to keep an eye on the junk I have been eating and shocking myself into how many cookies I eat. Counting calories for one week resulted in a 1lb loss, so happy days! My biggest problem though is fitness, I want to be thinner and fitter.

Personal Training is the Goal

If I were to get into a regular exercise regime then I know I would be able to lose weight – easier said than done, though. With my main goal being weight loss in the short term and increased fitness and health in the long terms I have decided that step one is to kick the diet and bad habits and increase my exercise so I at least get moving more in my day. The main aim is to pair up with a local personal trainer here in Edinburgh so I can get into a bit of weight training (and whatever else they suggest) but before that I need to get into the right headspace and make sure I start this journey alone so I can force myself to remember in the future how hard it is to lose weight – so it never has to happen again.

What am I doing now?

Firstly, I have a dog that loves long walks and I myself love going for long walks regardless of the weather! You should have seen me those couple of weeks I was addicted to Pokemon Go, the dog was knackered.

So walking is a big one for me. Knowing I have a couple of bulging disc that causes pain from time to time means I need to take it easy and be a little careful with what I do, especially while I am the size I am. The aim is to work up to 10000 steps a day – sounds easy but running my own business used to stop that happening. At weekends I can easily do 20000 steps without a problem.

Another activity I have picked up is Yoga and general stretching, although it’s not “normal” Yoga. DDP Yoga which gets the heart rate up with dynamic resistance and lets me get a good cardio workout without having to leave the office at lunchtime.

This is just the start

I am considering updating this blog weekly with progress and relapses, but I am not 100% confident with that at this moment in time. I will likely do it eventually but for now, I will keep this blog as a once in a while series.

Then again, maybe I need to be held accountable and should let it all be public… It’s not exactly a secret that I am fat after all!